Maglio Companies Acquires The Assets Of Boston Fresh, LLC

BROCKTON MA: Maglio Companies has acquired the assets of Boston Fresh, LLC located in Brockton, Massachusetts. The operation’s new and expanded offerings will include fresh , whole and cut produce, custom repacked products, freshly made pico de gallo, salsas and cold-pressed  juices. Boston Fresh will also offer cross dock, consolidation and various other logistics and storage services.

Headquartered in Glendale, Wisconsin, Maglio Companies is a fifth generation value-added produce wholesaler, processor, repacker, distributor and logistics provider with additional facilities located in Minneapolis, MN and McAllen, TX.

In order to meet the growing demands of its customers, Boston Fresh will focus on tomatoes –- ripening, washing, grading, sorting, sizing and repacking—along with other custom packed, value-added products like split case repacks, fresh herbs and its fresh-cut produce line, delivered to customers in the New England region.

Geno Valdes, Maglio’s Chief Operating Officer explains, “The addition of this facility to the Maglio family of Companies will create continuity for our customers on the East Coast.” He added, “This acquisition will add efficiency and flexibility to our existing supply chain, starting with our growers in Mexico sending product through our McAllen import facility and on to reach our customers in the Northeast.”

Bruce Forman is taking the lead as General Manager of Boston Fresh. Bruce has extensive background in manufacturing and business development in the perishables industry.  “I am excited to drive growth within the Northeast region for Maglio Companies”  said Mr. Forman. “The upgraded facility provides all of the necessary tools to deliver safe, high quality, value-added products to our local, regional and national customers.” 

The Brockton facility is a custom built refrigerated warehouse designed to meet GFSI Standards audited in accordance with the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Boston Fresh maintains a steadfast commitment to forward-thinking practices and continuously invests in equipment and facility technologies. The Company consistently maintains an "A" or better rating with the BRC as a result of their strict adherence to international food safety standards. 

The following additional product lines will now be readily available to all customers in New England: 

Fresh Cut Program

Boston Fresh specializes in cutting whole fresh produce, packaging it to specification and delivering it daily to our customers to ensure maximum freshness. This line of products includes fresh fruit, sliced and diced vegetables, specialty fruit and vegetable blends, Pico de Gallo and other fresh fruit salsas. 

Fresh Produce for Schools

Boston Fresh offers 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz packages of more than 20 varieties of produce that allow for an individual serving of healthy fruit and vegetables for school lunches or snacks, while keeping it small to reduce the amount of waste and improve portion control. 

Organic Produce
Boston Fresh will offer the highest quality natural and organicproducts. Certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers, the company offers over 30 organically certified products from apples to tangerines.

Source: Maglio Companies