Make Your Store an Immunity Boosting Destination with Frieda’s Variety Citrus

Los Alamitos, CA – It’s that time of the year again when the chill in the air sends shoppers to stores to stock up on tissues, teas, and anything to bolster the immune system! Promote your produce department as a go-to destination for a natural immunity boost, taking advantage of the fact that 76% of consumers agree that eating fresh produce is important to building immunity defense1.

Variety citrus is a great way to give shoppers the immunity-boosting options they seek. Show-stopping graphics make it easy to highlight citrus variety and grab the attention of busy shoppers. Frieda’s three-tier shipper offers extra display space to showcase new favorites like mandarinquats and limequats.

Research suggests that produce variety is a key driver of store-of-choice, so promoting choice can improve consumer interest, sending shoppers to the supermarket for cold and flu remedies. In fact, 71% of consumers say that they choose to shop at stores with produce variety in order to support their personal health1.

“The grocery store is already a one-stop shop for cold relief and flu prevention. As shoppers make a dash for the pharmacy, they’ll be drawn to our attention-grabbing shippers and will stock up on some Vitamin-C-packed citrus,” says Alex Jackson, director of sales. “Or, cross-merchandise our citrus including calamondins and pink lemons with superfoods like mighty gold® turmeric and mahana™ ginger to inspire shoppers to brew up our cold-killer turmeric tea or nourishing sipping broth.”

Call your Frieda’s account manager today to inquire about our shippers, recipe cards and signage. And of course to pre-book our citrus…while supplies last!


1 C + R 1000 Person Study, November 2020

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