Mango + Makeover = MANGOVER, Clinton Kelly Fights Food Boredom With Freshness, Flavor & Fun

Orlando, Fla – The National Mango Board (NMB) is partnering with celebrity spokesperson, Clinton Kelly, co-host of ABC’s lifestyle series “The Chew,” to motivate consumers to refresh their dishes and upgrade seasonal favorites with the fresh and delicious taste of mango. The Mangover campaign will demonstrate how mango’s versatile taste and year-round availability make it an easy upgrade for meals and snacks. The NMB’s Mangover campaign was recently honored with the Superior Achievement in Branding Reputation and Engagement (SABRE) Award on May 6, 2014 in the Food & Beverage (Commodity) category. The award recognizes authenticity, engagement, and consumer results that set apart public relation firms and departments.

The NMB’s Mangover Celebrations initiative looks for creative ways to enhance celebrations throughout the seasons, brightening traditional dishes into memorable meals with an unexpected pop of color and flavor; whether it’s Mother’s Day brunch, a summer BBQ, or ringing in the New Year with friends. The campaign includes major media placements with Clinton Kelly and his mom leading up to Mother’s Day including OK TV, The Daily Meal, and During the course of the year, Kelly will also be working as an editorial contributor for a national long-lead publication to provide Mangover advice on recipes, fashion and décor. Following Mother’s Day, Kelly will Mangover Fourth of July BBQs and picnics with recipe tips as well as appetizers and cocktails for the New Year’s festivities. For ten years, Kelly co-hosted “What Not toWear,” the longest running primetime series on TLC.

On May 5th, Kelly appeared on the Katie Couric Show and brought the Mangover message to millions. Kelly, with his mom Terri, and Katie prepared special recipes inspired by Mother’s Day, including mango chicken salad and mango daiquiris. Viewers were directed to for more information and additional recipes.

In addition to Kelly’s exciting partnership, the NMB’s Mangover Celebrations campaign includes several social media programs such as: a Pinterest contest, where consumers will add and tag mango-themed pins: a Facebook fan drive contest for a chance to win $50 each weekday; as well as constant mango inspired content updates. The NMB will also arrange mango deliveries to local, short-lead and long-lead media as well as top celebrities in order to capitalize on seasonal messages and current events. The Mangover theme will continue throughout the year as the NMB invites consumers to Mangover their seasons.

“The purpose of the campaign is for consumers to become more familiar and comfortable with how to incorporate mangos in everyday meals, all while learning how to select, ripen and cut the delicious fruit,” stated Megan McKenna, Marketing Director for the NMB. “Clinton Kelly’s collaboration along with creative social media content, fun events, and strong coverage in media, will help place mangos at the top of everyone’s everyday grocery list.”

The NMB website is a great source with many tools and information, not only for the industry but for consumers as well, to help educate them about mangos. The NMB’s Consumer PR & Marketing program will have ongoing results published throughout the year. For more information, please visit

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The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group, which is supported by assessments from both domestic and imported mangos. The board was designed to drive awareness and consumption of fresh mangos in the U.S. The superfruit mango contains 100 calories, an excellent source of vitamins A and C, a good source of fiber and an amazing source of tropical flavor.

Mango availability per capita has increased 53 percent since 2005 to an estimated 2.87 pounds per year in 2013. Mango import volume for 2013 was 935 million pounds. Learn more at

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