McLain Farms, Bob Meyer Honored at Vidalia Onion Awards Banquet

VIDALIA, Ga. – McLain Farms, was named the 2021 “Grower of the Year” and long-time Director of Markets for the Georgia Department of Agriculture Bob Meyer, was inducted into the Vidalia Onion Hall of Fame during the Vidalia Onion Committee 2021 awards banquet.

“Our congratulations to McLain Farms and Bob Meyer on being selected to receive our industry’s top honors,” said Bob Stafford, Manager of the Vidalia Onion Committee. “We enjoyed one of our strongest seasons in 2021, and we are looking forward to a good harvest this year.”

McLain Farms is certainly no stranger to this award. They received this award in 2014 as well as 2018. McLain Farms is very proud to be part of ensuring the future of this specialized industry for the next generation.  Maintaining the integrity of this industry by providing a quality onion is the goal that McLain Farms strives for every day.

The McLain brothers were both extremely humbled about receiving the award for 2021 Grower of the Year. Brett expressed his thanks to everyone involved and stated, “it’s truly an honor.” He wanted special recognition to his wife, Kim, who’s been serving this farm and family for over 30 years.  Brett also expressed the importance of his farm managers, Casey, and Lee, who work tirelessly day in and day out.

Rusty expressed his gratitude to his shed manager, Chris, along with all supervisors and staff. Lastly, he thanked his wife, Jess, for her dedication to him and this farm. He says, “we couldn’t do this without each one on this team, from seeds to shipping, everyone plays a vital part of this operation and I feel like we have the best team out there! Blessed is an understatement.”

Bob Meyer was presented the award which honors a person who has significantly and positively impacted the Vidalia Onion Industry.

Upon receiving this award, Meyer commented on the honor. “It is a very humbling and surprising that I am here receiving this award today. I have seen from the inside out what you all have done with this industry, and I don’t know if you realize, but you have one of the most unique products in the world. I don’t think there is another state or Department of Agriculture in the country that enforces trademark laws and protects its product like the state of  Georgia does your product.”


About the Vidalia® Onion Committee

Because Vidalia® onions are sweetly unique, farmers united to seek legal protection for their crop and its name. Federal Marketing Order No. 955 was established in 1989, to stipulate where the crop can be grown and help with research and promotion of Vidalia® onions. The Vidalia® Onion Committee administers FMO No.955 and authorizes production research, marketing research and development and marketing promotion programs. This federal program along with Georgia state laws that protect the Vidalia® trademark have provided a legal framework for the industry. So, you can try to grow a sweet onion elsewhere, but you cannot call it a “Vidalia®,” unless it is from Georgia! For more information, visit