Merchandising Jersey Peaches With Tempting Accompaniments

Glassboro, NJ  – With Jersey peaches now being shipped to retail markets, the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council is encouraging merchants to enhance their Jersey peach bins with a few products that pair nicely with this glorious summer fruit and can potentially add to sales.   

 “While we wouldn’t alter a perfect fruit,”  says Santo John Maccherone, chair of the PPC, “we recognize that consumers always look for new items built around peaches, from cider, jam, salsa and peach wine, to pairing with other foods not necessarily associated with peaches.” 

Following are some suggestions from NJPPC for pairing peaches with other foods in displays, from the rich and decadent to healthy and nutritious.

Decadent: Peaches and Cream:  The timeless recipe for goodness.  Display peaches with containers of whipped cream and perhaps angel food cake or shortcake cups.

For traditional shortcakes, pair the peaches with biscuit mixes, heavy cream or canned whipped cream.

Decadent:  Peaches and pate:  Display prepared pâtés in the peach bin – unexpected, but delicious as an hors d’oeuvre.

Decadent:  Peach Pie:  Display pie crusts or pie crust mix with the peaches, and more whipped cream.

Decadent:  Peaches and bacon:  Great breakfast/brunch treat.  Display bacon packages with peaches.  Easy to make and lends a nice sweetness.  Fry up bacon strips, and when just slightly crisp, remove bacon from pan, chop into small pieces, pour off bacon grease and return to pan with chopped peaches. Stir lightly and serve.  

Healthy: Peaches in salad:  Display packaged arugula or spring mix greens in peach bins, maybe add package of pecans as well.

Healthy: Peaches and oatmeal:  Display steel cut oats or instant oatmeal in peach bin

Peaches and any dry cereal:  Display boxes of dry crunchy cereal in peach bin.

Healthy: Peaches and yoghurt:  Display containers of plain or vanilla yogurt in peach bin. For added savory, display a jar of Icelandic black caviar to sprinkle on top.

Healthy: Shrimp and peaches:  Display bag of frozen shrimp and light mayonnaise or creamy blue cheese dressing with peaches in bin

Healthy: Ham and peaches:  Display sliced ham and jar of honey in peach bin.

Healthy: Peaches & Cheese:  Display various cheeses in peach bin.

The New Jersey Peach Promotion Council is a non-profit voluntary organization of growers, shippers, wholesalers and associated industries dedicated to maintaining a viable peach industry in the Garden State for the purpose of preserving farmers and farmland; and to providing the highest quality and best tasting fresh peaches for consumers. New Jersey is the fourth largest peach producing state in the country, with approximately 75 orchards on 5,000 acres, producing 22,000-25,000 tons, valued at approximately $30-million.