Mission Produce Announces an Elevated Ripening Program Dubbed “Ready”

Mission Produce, Inc. announces “Ready,” an elevated ripening and merchandising program specifically designed to give avocado consumers the experience they desire. This program offers a variety of fun, informative and engaging merchandising tools, all of which promote two ripening stages: a hard piece of stage 2 fruit (“Ready in a Couple Days” 2-3 days) and a ready-to-eat piece of stage 4 fruit (“Ready for Tonight”). When implemented, “Ready” will reduce retail shrink, expand the avocado category, and improve customer satisfaction.

“Avocado consumption is growing; however, there is room to strengthen the category,” said Ross Wileman, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Retailers are always asking us for new ways to further increase sales and entice shoppers, and ‘Ready’ is it.” Not only does “Ready” benefit the retailer but it also improves the customer experience. “Now shoppers can buy avocados for that night’s meal and stock up for a party they plan to host that weekend,” comments Patrick Cortes, sr. director of business development.

Since retailers traditionally do not merchandise two avocado specs side-by-side, Mission Produce’s Marketing Department worked diligently to create point-of-sale material that would bolster the program. “We wanted the visuals to be effective and appealing,” added Director of Marketing Denise Junqueiro. “This includes ‘Ready’ signage in various formats of display and education. We labeled the stage 2 fruit as ‘Ready in a Couple Days’ and the stage 4 fruit as ‘Ready for Tonight.’ We are confident the POS material will speak to the consumer.”

“Mission Produce is paving the way for a new, multifaceted avocado ripening and merchandising program; one that is equally exciting for both the avocado handler and consumer. ‘Ready’ is the perfect solution for retailers who are seeking to advertise two different stages of the ‘world’s finest avocados,’” concludes Wileman.

About Mission Produce, Inc.:

Mission Produce Inc. operates state-of-the-art avocado packing facilities in California, Mexico, and Peru. In addition, the company’s global distribution network includes nine ripe centers in North America, with additional ripe centers in Europe and China. Over the past 35 years, Mission has grown to become the leader in the worldwide avocado business.