Mission Produce Establishes Southern African Operations in Partnership with ZZ2

Oxnard, CA – Mission Produce, Inc., (“Mission”) the world’s most advanced avocado network, announced today it is establishing operations in South Africa in partnership with ZZ2 and Core Fruit. The new partnership will create the most powerful trading platform for avocados produced in Africa, bringing the world’s finest African avocados to booming markets such as Europe, China and other Asian countries, with anticipated access to the U.S.

As avocado demand explodes worldwide, Mission Produce is capitalizing on opportunities to provide consistent, year-round supply to major global markets. In this partnership, Mission will bring its marketing expertise, renowned brand and distribution network while Core Fruit, the largest exporter of fresh produce out of South Africa, will manage the logistics. ZZ2, an iconic South African brand and farming operation, will offer its production, packing and ecosystem creation knowhow together with its avocado technical knowledge, resource base, local networks, nursery trees, packing facilities and its association with Criterion Africa Partners who have access to significant land holdings. 

To enable all South African growers to participate in this exciting initiative, Mission South Africa will establish regional relationships and source product from quality growers. It is expected that the functional ecosystem created by this partnership will add value to growers and will assist to develop the full avocado potential of the region. Mission also foresees rapidly expanding the company’s vertical integration model in an advantageous supply window. 

“The Mission Produce-ZZ2 relationship is a strong combination and demonstrates our commitment to expanding globally and leading the avocado industry. These powerhouse companies are collaborating in South Africa to amplify state-of-the-art supply chain practices from field to fork,” said Mission Produce’s President and CEO Steve Barnard. “Southern Africa is an ideal source because of the region’s location, fruit quality and access to Europe and Asia.” 

“We have hired an in-country manager, Lindie Stroebel, to hit the ground running and support fast growth. We are excited for her to establish a presence and start building local connections,” said Mission Produce’s Vice President of Global Sourcing Keith Barnard. “The addition of South Africa will ensure that Mission Produce’s supply keeps pace with demand. We are striving for full surety of supply.”

ZZ2 is a longstanding and highly regarded agriculture company with an iconic domestic brand in Southern Africa. In recent years, ZZ2 has developed and executed an aggressive growth strategy for avocados and other export crops. “Given Mission Produce’s volition to establish a strong global brand, world class ripening technology and the ability to create and stimulate global demand for avocados, we have selected the ideal partner. We are looking forward to taking the avocado industry to the next level with Mission Produce by our side,” added CEO of ZZ2 Tommie Van Zyl.


About Mission Produce, Inc.: Mission Produce is the world’s most advanced avocado network. The company owns and operates state-of-the-art avocado packing facilities in multiple growing locations including California, Mexico, Peru and Colombia, and it also sources product from countries such as

Chile, New Zealand and Guatemala. In addition, Mission Produce’s global distribution network includes 11 forward distribution centers in North America, China and Europe. Over the past 35 years, Mission Produce has become recognized as the leader in the worldwide avocado business.

About ZZ2:  The ZZ2 Group of companies is a corporatised family business who started their farming operations more than a hundred years ago. ZZ2 is one of the largest tomato growers in the world and has expanded its operations in Southern Africa over the last two decades to include dates, cherries, apples, pears, stone fruit, almonds, blueberries and an aggressive expansion into avocados. The ZZ2 brand is a well-known icon in South Africa with a proud history backed by a great customer value offering and ensuring superior value for all its stakeholders. www.ZZ2.co.za

About Core Fruit: Core Fruit is a specialist sales platform for many of South Africa’s leading growers of fruit. Core has an extensive global customer base, working directly with many well-known retailers and importers. Core is well established in all the fruit sectors in South Africa allowing global customers to buy the full range of South African fruit 52 weeks of the year. Core has a long established relationship with the ZZ2 Group, and, with the basket of fruit and leading customer base strives to provide all farms in the ecosystem with an improved economic value. www.corefruit.com