Monterey Mushrooms to Launch 40-Ounce Bag of Sliced Whites for Foodservice

Monterey Mushrooms will introduce a 40-ounce bag of sliced white mushrooms to foodservice customers at the PMA Foodservice Expo in Monterey in booth #108.

“The larger bag, presented for the first time, improves shelf life and quality,” said Sandy Malouff-Quintana, National Account Manager, Foodservice. 

The bag was designed to meet the needs of the pizza business and other foodservice operators who use large quantities of sliced mushrooms as a key ingredient.

“Convenience is a factor when selling fresh produce, and our pre-sliced mushrooms are the ultimate in convenience,” Malouff-Quintana said. “When we can offer a solution to customers – either in a commercial kitchen or a home kitchen – it makes a huge difference.”

The company says sliced mushroom sales are strong and will continue to grow.  

“Helping our customers save on labor costs and decrease food waste, is our goal,”  Malouff-Quintana said.

In addition to the new item, the company will showcase a full line of fresh mushrooms in multiple sizes and varieties designed to meet the specific needs of foodservice operators.

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