Morning Kiss Organic and DiSilva Fruit Highlight Lucky Citrus for Chinese New Year’s Celebrations

Chelsea, MA – Morning Kiss Organic and DiSilva Fruit, part of the Arrowfarms family of companies, are shipping a variety of produce in time for Chinese New Year’s celebrations, in which fruit and citrus items hold special significance. Taking place this year on February 12, Chinese New Year kicks off a weeklong public holiday in many Asian countries as celebrants ring in 2021, a Year Of The Ox.

Traditionally, oranges, mandarins, and tangerines symbolize abundance and happiness during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Gifting these produce items is believed to bring the recipient good luck throughout the year, and the vibrant orange color of these fruits is associated with joy and good fortune. In addition to giving them as gifts, many families place them around the home. 

“We are wishing all celebrants of Chinese New Year good health and happiness in 2021,” says Nelly Czajkowski, Sales and Organic Category Manager at DiSilva Fruit. “We hope that our citrus items will bring luck and fortune to all!” 

Current citrus offerings from Morning Kiss Organic and DiSilva Fruit include grapefruit, lemons, limes, and navels. Specialty offerings include minneola, cara-cara navels, blood oranges, tangerines, satsumas and clementines.

Employing just-in-time inventory management, citrus is freshly packed to order, in customizable packaging reducing loss to spoilage at retail, and therefore protecting the retailer’s bottom line. Produce is delivered daily to ensure the highest quality, and best tasting selection available. 

About DiSilva Fruit and Morning Kiss Organic:
DiSilva Fruit and Morning Kiss Organic are part of the Arrowfarms family of companies, headquartered in Massachusetts. Products are available year-round in a range of customizable formats and innovative packaging solutions offering economical packaging, pricing, faster turns and less waste. Always fresh, the company uses just-in-time inventory management as well as daily deliveries to ensure the highest quality, best tasting selection available.