Morning Kiss Organic Uses Pedal Power to Craft Organic Smoothies at New York Produce Show

Chelsea, MA – Morning Kiss Organic will rely on pedal power to make delicious organic  smoothies at the New York Produce Show November 29-December 2, exhibiting at booth #338. Using a customized smoothie bike, Morning Kiss Organic will blend “Refresher” smoothies featuring fresh fruit and vegetables from their organic line of produce and herbs. 

“Come take an invigorating spin on our smoothie bike and then enjoy the fruits of your labor!” says Nelly Czajkowski of DiSilva Fruit. “Our ‘Refresher’ blend of cucumber, lime, pineapple, mango, and mint will have guests feeling revitalized at the show.” 

Morning Kiss Organic, along with Arrowfarms sister companies DiSilva Fruit and Gold Bell, will promote their full line of organic and conventional produce, including the herb program, the organic melon program, and the expanded and redesigned bagged juice oranges.

Arrowfarms embraces a “Return to Value” ethos that includes lower costs, operational efficiency, reducing food waste, and managing demand. By focusing on private brands and private label opportunities over highly marketing national brands, we can help our partners lower costs. Utilizing just-in-time deliveries allows Arrowfarms companies to operate efficiently, maintaining freshness and optimizing the supply chain. By meeting consumer trends with smaller pack sizes, food waste can be reduced. Arrowfarms aims to manage demand by anticipating and buffering for disruptions within the supply chain and market volatility. 

About Arrowfarms
A trusted leader in the produce company for over 50 years, Arrowfarms has state of the art production facilities located within the heart of New England’s major food hub. These facilities are used for packaging all varieties of potatoes, onions, citrus, and various other commodities. When a customer or vendor develops a relationship with an Arrowfarms company, they receive the best of what the produce industry has to offer. The company is comprised of dynamic companies, Arrowfarms, Gold Bell Inc., DiSilva Fruit, and Morning Kiss Organic.