MountainKing Steps Up Production of Small Varieties as Industry-Wide Packing Capacity Issues Loom

HOUSTON, TX – MountainKing Potatoes is doubling down on efforts to fill orders of its smaller-sized varieties as retailers brace for packing capacity issues due to a recently authorized fourth round of purchases for the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program, continued consumer stockpiling during COVID and an increased demand for in-home cooking during the holidays.

Most notably, the Colorado grower, packager and shipper of small-sized Steakhouse Roasters, Baby Golds and Baby Reds has ramped up operations at its Alpine, Colorado packing facility dedicated exclusively to the company’s smaller-sized potatoes.  Production lines at the plant have been configured for rapid response packing and outbound shipments are taking place daily, except Sunday, through the end of the year. 

 “Our Alpine packing facility gives us significantly greater capacity to fill orders of our smaller, pre-sized varieties in either bins or bales,” says Andreas Trettin, marketing director at MountainKing, which also packs fresh to order in Texas.  

Since it only packs small potatoes, Trettin explains the company’s Alpine facility can ship out two loads per day.  It also can combine smaller potatoes on mixer loads from its other Colorado packing sheds.  MountainKing also offers a network of LTL options and forward distribution hubs for customers that cannot order full truckloads.

As part of its focus on small-sized varieties, MountainKing is re-introducing its highly successful merchandising program designed specifically for its Baby Gold, Red and Medley potatoes.  The package includes high-graphic sell bins offering faster turns and reduced labor for restocking during heavy holiday shopping periods.  Single pan, 30-minute recipes for fish, steak and chicken along with display-ready sleeves also are available.  Plus, all materials are customizable for specific store formats and traffic patterns.

Baby Golds, Baby Reds and Baby Medleys are packaged in 1.5 lb. meshed, see-through bags which provide full product visibility, a big plus for consumers, while extending shelf life.

Besides its Steakhouse Roasters, Trettin says MountainKing’s Baby Golds and Baby Reds also are experiencing explosive growth.

MountainKing Potatoes is one of the world’s largest growers of high-flavor potato varieties.  Currently, about one million U.S. households enjoy MountainKing products every week.  For more information, go to