Move Over Greens, Radicchio Rosa is Here

Le Grand, California – For nearly 100 years, the Marchini family has been farming in the central valley of California. Best known for Radicchio, Italian specialties, and fresh figs.

J. Marchini Farms and Joe’s Premium Brand offers an array of commodities that connect back to their family’s roots & history as Italian immigrants in the 1920s.  

Radicchio Rosa is one of J. Marchini Farms most recent additions to their commodity line and they are gearing up to harvest for the 2021 Valentine’s day festivities. Radicchio rosa is a loose-leaf head with vivid pink colors ranging from blush to magenta. Its leaves are delicate, and the bitterness is the mildest of the chicory family. Radicchio Rosa, also known as pink radicchio, has taken over social media and millennials salads. It is that fun new item to order at a trendy restaurant or try out in the kitchen. Radicchio Rosa is beautiful and will give any salad a pop of color that everyone wants to post on their social media feed. 

“There is an increased awareness and newfound love for the chicory family and radicchio rosa is one of those bitters foodies love.” states Francesca Fordice, sales & marketing at J. Marchini Farms. 

In addition to radicchio rosa, J. Marchini Farms is currently offering radicchio, treviso, castelfranco, lacinato kale, and rosa Italian mix featuring a mix of radicchio rosa, castelfranco and radicchio. For more information and order inquires reach out to [email protected] 

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