National Mango Board Elects New Officers for 2023

Orlando, FL – The National Mango Board (NMB) elected new officers during its annual March board meeting. This year, the March board meeting occurred in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and elections were held on Monday, March 13th, 2023. As dedicated members, the NMB officers will fulfill their duties and responsibilities by leading the board in accordance with the Commodity Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1996, and the Mango Order.

Albert Perez of Miami, Florida will serve as Chair and Thomas Hall of Oxnard, California as Vice Chair. Serving as Secretary is Cesar Morocho of Piura, Peru and elected as Treasurer is Luis Carlos Martinez of Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

Additionally, four members will serve on the Executive Board supporting the newly elected officers. Carlos Palafox of Jalisco, Mexico will serve asthe Industry Relations Officer, Alyssa Hind of Hidalgo, Texas will serve as the Marketing and Communications Chair, Rod Chamberlain of Mecca, California will serve as the Research & Industry Relations Chair, and Clark Golden of Vineland, New Jersey will serve as Ex-Officio.

The NMB officers, together with the rest of the board members, will continue to uphold the NMB’s mission to increase the consumption of mango in the U.S. by inspiring consumers and educating them about the culture, flavor, and nutrition of mangos while bringing the industry together.

“Congratulations to the newly elected NMB officers and the Executive Committee members in 2023!  We look forward to working with the new NMB leadership and receiving their guidance to develop successful marketing and communication programs that continue driving mango demand and consumption.  While at the same time supporting research projects and industry relation events that provide value and maintain a strong and vibrant mango industry,” said National Mango Board Executive Director, Manuel Michel.

About the National Mango Board

The National Mango Board (NMB) is here to inspire and educate U.S. consumers about the culture, flavor, versatility, and nutrition of the world’s most exciting super fruit – the mango! We are supported entirely by assessments from domestic and imported mangos, and we don’t rely on any taxpayer dollars or government funding. We participate in strategic planning, marketing and communications, research, and industry relations to achieve our vision of bringing the mango party to every U.S. household. 

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