Nature Fresh Farms Matt Quiring Transitions Role to Director of Sales

Leamington, ON – Nature Fresh Farms announced Matt Quiring’s recent role transition from Executive Retail Sales Accounts Manager to Director of Sales.

Matt Quiring, son of Nature Fresh Farms president and founder Peter Quiring, showed interest in Nature Fresh Farms at an early age, after gaining experience outside of the industry he joined Nature Fresh Farms Sales established in 2010. Developing his retail accounts from the ground-up, he advanced into the role of Executive Retail Sales Accounts Manager. In this position, Matt played an important role in developing partnerships with many of their major retailers and various customers.

As Director of Sales, Matt will now be overseeing the development of all their retail accounts. “Matt’s transition into Director of Sales was a very easy and natural choice,” shared Vice President, John Ketler. “With Matt handling the vast majority of our sales to date, it is clear that he has the drive, passion, and industry knowledge necessary to develop these relationships with our partners.”

General Manager, Frank Neufeld also expanded on Matt’s transition mentioning Nature Fresh Farms continuous expansion and what it means for the company. “With the growth of Nature Fresh Farms and Nature Fresh Farms Sales, we are welcoming many new members to our team, including additional sales staff. It was evident to us, seeing Matt’s experience, that he would be the one to lead the entire sales team moving forward,” said Frank. “We look forward to Matt bringing his leadership and mentoring skills to the rest of the sales team, helping them to strengthen the relationships he has established over the last several years with our partners.”

As Nature Fresh Farms focuses on company growth and developing relations, Matt’s role will assist in the continued progression of their team and retail partnerships. Nature Fresh Farms is excited for their future with the continuous expansion of their team, their advancements in technology and product innovation allowing them to provide fresh produce all year-round.