NatureFresh Farms Celebrates Strong Start to Season for Newly-Developed 32-Acre Greenhouse in Leamington, ON

NatureFresh Farms is celebrating a 20-year growing milestone with a strong start to the first season at their newly-developed 32-acre greenhouse in Leamington, ON.

After nine months of construction, the fully completed facility measures 32 acres in total area and, to the gutter, is 7.3 meters tall. With ample space to grow hundreds of thousands of pounds of Tomato varieties for every season to come, NatureFresh Farms is growing just over 15 acres of Tomatoes-on-the-Vine and over 15 acres of a diverse range of Specialty Tomato varieties, including Red Cherry, Red Grape, and Cocktail Tomatoes.

For their first crop, NatureFresh Farms successfully planted 235,000 Tomato plants in May 2019. With it only taking 8-9 weeks from planting to reach the first harvest of Tomatoes, their team started picking Tomatoes in June 2019 and will continue until late next Spring. A crew of 80 team members will be working everyday to pick, pack, and ship their Tomato products, with the Growers, Scouts, and Crop workers attending the plants, offering their expertise for a seamless growing season.

Executive Retail Sales Accounts Manager Matt Quiring isn’t surprised by the great success of this new facility to meet demands for fresh local produce that is available year-round: “NatureFresh Farms made a major commitment to year-round consistency in supply, quality, and flavor five years ago when we built our greenhouse in Ohio for winter production. This allowed us to offset the typical growing season for Canada and it has been a tremendous success for our retail partners – and consumers have shown support for the USA-grown program from the start,” said Matt. “That demand continues to grow each year. We are excited to be able to offer retailers and consumers in Ontario and Canada that same consistency in supply, quality, and flavor that local products offer!”

This state-of-the- art greenhouse is also equipped with innovative technology, creating the best growing environment possible. The use of self-driving cart systems, High-Pressure Sodium supplemental lighting fixtures, and Vertical Circulation Fans are just a few examples of the innovative technology being used in this cutting-edge facility – all of which will help the NatureFresh Farms Tomato crop grow during the winter months and produce high-quality food on a consistent basis.

The completion of this greenhouse brings NatureFresh Farms to over 200 acres of family-owned facilities. With 20 years of providing quality greenhouse-grown vegetables all year-round, NatureFresh Farms looks forward to the future – with continued advancements in sustainable technology and product innovation on the horizon.