NatureFresh Farms & NatureFresh Farms Sales Announce Internal Leadership Developments

Leamington, ON  – NatureFresh Farms doesn’t only grow delicious produce – they also grow their people into confident, forward-thinking leaders. Cornelius Neufeld and Frank Neufeld have each been working in the greenhouse farming industry for over 20 years, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge that has accelerated their professional growth and development. In recent months, both Cornelius and Frank have taken on more prominent management roles within the NatureFresh Farms and NatureFresh Farms Sales organizations – helping each company achieve their ambitious goals for expansion and business growth.

Cornelius began his journey with NatureFresh Farms in 2011 as a Labor Manager. In 2015, Cornelius was presented with an opportunity to start working in Delta, Ohio as the Operations Manager at a brand-new 45-acre greenhouse facility. After 4 years in this role, Cornelius has now transitioned into a more expansive role – as Operations Manager for all NatureFresh Farms facilities located in both Canada and the United States.

For Cornelius, a new role means new opportunities to learn and work with farm-level team members in both Canada and the U.S.: “I’m excited to work alongside the great people we have at both our Canadian and American farms. I wouldn’t want to do what I do with any other company – the team at NatureFresh Farms is truly unique and the opportunities for professional development here are endless. This new role will have its challenging moments, but challenges are what make our successes that much more rewarding.”

It was also in 2011 that Frank started working at NatureFresh Farms as a Warehouse Manager. In 2016, Frank assumed the Operations Manager role for all the company’s greenhouse facilities based in Leamington, ON, which at the time totalled 130 acres. In recent months, Frank has fully transitioned into a new role as the Sales Manager with NatureFresh Farms Sales – introducing him to a new side of the greenhouse vegetable business.

An eager team and opportunities for exponential growth has Frank excited for his new role with NatureFresh Farms Sales: “I plan to bring even greater structure to this young company that is quickly growing and full of potential. Like my previous role allowed, I’m also looking forward to growing our Sales staff so that they can find greater professional success. This team is enthusiastic and eager to make NatureFresh Farms Sales one of the best produce marketers in the world – there is a lot to be excited about here.”

Both Cornelius and Frank identified the same key challenge within their new roles – to ensure that, in the coming years, they find the most capable individuals to join the NatureFresh Farms and NatureFresh Farms Sales teams. As each business continues to expand and more job opportunities are created, both Cornelius and Frank agree that it is essential to find key individuals who will help bring NatureFresh Farms and NatureFresh Farms Sales to even greater heights.