NatureFresh Farms Takes Home Accolades for Best Overall Pepper, Tomato & Cucumber at Leamington Greenhouse Vegetable Awards

Leamington, ON  – The Tomato Capital of Canada, Leamington, Ontario, hosted its annual Greenhouse Vegetable Awards this past weekend at the Leamington Fair. Showcasing the best greenhouse-grown produce from leading North American growers, family-owned NatureFresh™ Farms was awarded many top accolades, including best overall Pepper, Tomato & Cucumber.

NatureFresh™ Farms took home top awards in the following categories:

– Best English Cucumber

– Best Speciality Mini Pepper

– Best Beefsteak Tomato

– Best Cluster Tomato

– Best Speciality Tomato for their TOMZ Orange Cherry Tomato

– People’s Choice Tomato for their TOMZ Tomberry® Tomato

– Kid’s Choice Tomato for their TOMZ Tomberry® Tomato

– Overall Best Cucumber for their Long English Cucumber

– Overall Best Tomato for their TOMZ Orange Cherry Tomato

– Overall Best Pepper for their Red Mini Pepper

Accepting the awards on behalf of NatureFresh™ Farms was Executive Retail Sales Account Manager Matt Quiring, “We have an amazing team who works very hard to ensure our produce has top-notch flavor paired with consistency. Winning the highest overall honors across the board is a great testament to what our team can accomplish; it is more than just about showcasing the best that we grow, it is about our commitment to continuing to push our categories in the right direction.”

This is the second year in a row that NatureFresh™ Farms has won the Peoples Choice Award for Hottest Tomato and the Kids’ Choice Award for Hottest Tomato for their Tomberry® Tomato, an outstanding accomplishment considering the strong competition from other varieties in the market place. The Tomberry® Tomato, with a unique flavor profile & dubbed the World’s Smallest Tomato is one that has seen great response from consumers & continues to grow in demand. 

Done under secret ballot, consumers get a true blind taste test on selecting the best varieties. NatureFreshFarms has proven themselves deserving of the awards with their continuous efforts toward perfecting flavor and growing the best vegetables they can. With such strong competition, NatureFresh™ Farms is very proud to be taking home these meaningful awards voted and judged by the locals of Leamington.

All funds raised from the Greenhouse Vegetable Awards go to R.E.A.C.H International. This local charity has continuously hosted this annual competition which celebrates Essex County as being the largest greenhouse industry in North America. As a recognized and registered Canadian charity, R.E.A.C.H International’s humanitarian efforts assist the poor all over the world with their main project currently in Uganda.