New Company Brings Automation To The Audits & Inspections Process

ASAP Audits & Inspections, based in Littleton, Colorado, has brought automation and the power of a computer to those who perform audits and inspections. The founder and CEO of ASAP Audits & Inspections, Gary Fleming, and former lead architect of the PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) while with PMA, is a 30 year veteran of the food industry and has participated in over 25 different industry initiatives that have had a positive impact in the food industry.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with companies of all types and all sizes in developing best practices”, Fleming remarked. “I have observed and learned from the best of the best at every level of the supply chain, from the grower, packer and shipper, all of the way through the distribution chain to the buyer”.

Fleming’s work on food safety and traceability, while with companies such as PMA, GS1 and Redline Solutions, gave Fleming first-hand experience on the burden the industry faces due to increased attention and legislation around food safety. “I was truly baffled by the lack of technology and automation tools the industry had at their disposal to address such an important, yet time-consuming and arduous process”.

ASAP’s solution couldn’t have come at a better time, as the urgency and increased regulations caused by food borne illnesses continue to grow. The company’s solution is used by any person that performs audits or inspections, including QA/QC personnel within the food industry, auditors or inspectors part of a 3rd party auditing service or certified bodies, and even USDA or FDA auditors.  The software is used on both a tablet, for the purpose of gathering the data electronically, and a desktop or laptop computer, for running exception reports, SOPs, and creating and routing Corrective Actions and Continuous Improvements.

“Our solution incorporates the best that technology offers, including a data exchange platform for data sharing, automated inputs utilizing voice recognition, drop down boxes, radio buttons, and scanning barcodes, and an integrated camera to take pictures”, indicated Fleming. “Our goal is simple: we want to help those who labor to protect our food supply”.

To learn more about ASAP Audits & Inspections, go to or contact Gary Fleming at [email protected]

Source: ASAP Audits & Inspections