New Grab a Boost of Blue Video Ads Tap Into Consumer Love for Blueberries

USHBC’s new strategic positioning and call-to-action, Grab a Boost of Blue, taps into consumers’ passion for blueberries and motivates them to enjoy more of the fruit they love. Thanks to a host of resources, the inspirational campaign can be used in multiple points of contact in retail and digital channel promotions.

One of the consumer touch points for the 2021 Grab a Boost of Blue campaign are YouTube advertisements that drive consumers across the entire path to purchase, including online and in-store grocery shopping. Six advertisements were recently launched on YouTube, featuring three concepts at 15 and 30 seconds each. 

The recently launched ads target overwhelmed young families and fun-loving freshness fans on Facebook, YouTube and through pre-roll wherever they watch their favorite content, including SmartTV apps like Hulu, ESPN, Food Network and HGTV.

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