New York Apple Sales Announces Jim Allen’s Retirement and New Hires

Jim Allen, VP of Marketing for New York Apple Sales, will be retiring on June 26, 2020. Jim has been with NYAS since February of 2017.

Jim has been in the produce industry for 48 years, starting in 1972 in the fruit processing business.  In 1980, he gained his marketing experience with Keystone Fruit Marketing, Greencastle, PA, In 1996 He joined the New York Apple Association as retail Promotions Director, and in 2000 he became President and CEO of the Association until his retirement in 2017. Jim joined New York Apple Sales, INC. in April of 2017. Jim has been highly active over the years in, US Apple Export Council, US Apple, United Fresh, and numerous NYS Ag groups. Jim was named Apple Person of the year in 2002, earned the first ever Apple Champion Award from US Apple, in 2016 and the New York State Agricultural Society Distinguished Service Citation in 2019.

“The Apple does not fall far from the Tree” as Tenley Allen Fitzgerald will be taking over the marketing position at NYAS from her dad, Jim Allen.

Jim Allen Quote,  “For years I have seen the pride and the joy in the eyes of so many farmers when their children decide to return to the farm and carry on the legacy that their families have built. Although I do not own a farm, I have the same amount of pride seeing Tenley follow in the food, and now apple, industry, and I see the enormous amount of passion she has for her career path. If my passion and love for this industry have been an inspiration to Tenley, then that delights me to no end!”

While consulting at NYAS, Tenley orchestrated the launch of New York Apple Sales new consumer brand, Yes! Apples.

She helped launch new consumer based Yes! Apples web site and launched Yes! Apples on Social Media platforms.

In June, she will be full time, VP of Marketing. She will continue her efforts with the new consumer brand, including all brand touchpoints: web site social media, influencers, partnerships, public relations, both trade and consumer, packaging, and events.

She will also coordinate all marketing and promotional activities with the managed variety groups for the Club Apples that NYAS markets.

Tenley and her husband, Owen, have traveled the world extensively. Tenley joined Owen in Burkina Faso and Madagascar for over a year while he was completing a fellowship program with CRS.  Upon returning to the US last June, the couple has traveled the US, camping, and visiting friends for eight months. They have now settled in the Washington DC area.

Tenley is an avid marathoner completing 13 races, including NYC, Chicago, London, Berlin, and Paris.