New Zealand’s Fresh Produce Industry Strengthened With Acquisition

T&G Global has taken ownership of Freshmax New Zealand’s domestic fruit and vegetable business, in a move which will transform New Zealand’s fresh produce sector.

The new combined business, T&G Fresh, now provides the backbone of New Zealand’s fresh fruit and vegetable infrastructure. 

Andrew Keaney, Managing Director, T&G Fresh, says the combined strengths of T&G’s New Zealand domestic business, with that of Freshmax New Zealand’s, will reshape the New Zealand marketplace.

“Our new T&G Fresh business spans the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain, from partnering with retailers, in-home delivery partners, foodservice providers and quick service restaurants to provide them with the brands and quality they need, right through to growing our own produce and working with over 1,000 growers in New Zealand and across the world,” says Andrew.

“From this foundation, we’ll invest significantly in technology and our physical infrastructure to transform New Zealand’s fresh produce supply chain. This will deliver substantial benefits to everyone in the industry. 

“It’ll provide real-time data to match supply with demand; the movement of products will be optimised, leading to increased efficiencies and reduced costs; and through superior service, customers and growers will be connected closer together, resulting in greater collaboration which ultimately benefits all stakeholders, including Kiwi consumers.

“Following the 2019 sale and short-term lease back of our Mt Wellington site, and with the acquisition of Freshmax’s New Zealand sites, we have the opportunity to create a future-fit physical footprint which will better serve everyone – our people, growers, transport partners and customers.

“We’re designing a purpose-built hub to support our future growth strategy, which can adapt as technology evolves and comes-to-market, such as autonomous vehicles and automated crate and pallet stackers. Our Kaitiakitanga sustainability philosophy is guiding this process, which will result in a state-of-the-art facility, which is safe, energy-efficient and enables greater productivity,” says Andrew.

Joining T&G from Freshmax New Zealand is a team of 240 people, three market sites in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, a national distribution business, and a partnership to supply fresh produce to an in-home meal kit delivery provider. 

“This move demonstrates tangible progress with our business strategy, which sees us growing great brands, harnessing innovation, freeing up capital for growth and leveraging our strong New Zealand base,” says Andrew.

T&G Fresh is the domestic business of T&G Global, and manages the production, sales and importing of all its fresh produce sold in New Zealand. T&G Global also owns and operates apple orchards in New Zealand and around the world, and partners with growers to market apples internationally through its global sales network, alongside its emerging global category business of table grapes and blueberries.

In light of the current environment and the need to maintain COVID-19 safe working practices, T&G Fresh will initially run the T&G domestic business and the Freshmax NZ business separately, with the view to integrating them later during the calendar year.

The acquisition of Freshmax New Zealand’s domestic business was completed on 30 April 2020. 

About T&G Global

Established 122 years ago, T&G Global is one of New Zealand’s largest fresh produce companies – growing, packing, shipping, marketing and selling fruit and vegetables to consumers around the world. Our success comes from consistent and sustainable growing practices, committed growers, valued customers and a passionate team of people. Our apples, including the premium, kiwi-bred varieties Jazz™ and Envy™, are grown in 14 countries and sold in more than 45 countries year-round. We’re passionate about growing healthier futures through fresh fruit and vegetables.