Nichols Farms Brings “Spicy-Savory-Sweet” Menu to Single-Serve Pistachios

HANFORD, CA — With a sneak peek at the National Association of Convenience Stores annual conference in Chicago (NACS) last month, Nichols Farms announced the official launch of its “Spicy-Savory-Sweet” single-serve line of No Shell Pistachios.

The line-up features small batch unique flavors that capture three distinct segments in the marketplace:

  • Spicy: Jalapeño Lime: A zesty blend of citrus and a kick of heat that will awaken your tastebuds.
  • Savory: Garlic & Garden Herbs: Handcrafted with a blend of garlic, fresh herbs, and sea salt.
  • Sweet: Cocoa Cookie: The perfect mix of rich, fudgy chocolate and light, delicate powdered sugar.

The “On-the-Go” 2oz single-serves also feature Nichols Farms’ signature Roasted & Salted No Shell Pistachios. They are available in display-ready trays (caddies) and with peg holes- perfect for checkstands and any high-traffic areas.

The products are non-GMO, contain no artificial ingredients, and are made in small batches, bringing out a bold, savory flavor. Each serving has 7 grams of protein, meeting a growing consumer need for high-protein snacks with a lot of flavor.

“When we started sampling these with consumers, we knew we had a hit,” said Nichols Farms owner Susie Nichols. “They kept coming back for more and wanted to know where they could buy it.”

“We know shoppers want delicious, high-protein snacks… especially in the grab-and-go section. But they also want to know their food comes from a family they can trust,” said co-owner Chuck Nichols. “I’m really proud of what our team has developed.”

Nichols Farms is a fourth-generation family farm located in the heart of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. They offer non-GMO, California-grown pistachios in a wide range of pack sizes and product lines, including Inshell, No-Shell, and an Almond-Pistachio Mix. The family’s story and additional information are available at