Nicole Stovicek Joins the Azzule Sales Team!

As a sales representative, Nicole will utilize her knowledge and experience to What she learns will help Azzule adapt services like Azzule’s CORE FSVP Support Services to better serve a fresh produce industry that is seeing continual change.    

Her experience serving as a Board Member for Primus Group has given her unique insight into Azzule and Primus Group’s direction.  Nicole’s years of working at a cancer resource center directing the groups’ outreach through numerous mediums, including establishing a successful retail operation, awareness events, social media, etcetera, have helped develop her communication skills.  Those very skills will serve her well as she conveys back to the scientist and programmers at Azzule and Primus Group’s clients and prospective clients’ frustrations, concerns, hopes, and desires.   

Business Administration from Cal Baptist University.

I am excited to bring Nicole onboard with Azzule. Having Nicole will give additional presence in the southwestern United States where much of America’s fresh produce is grown or imported.  Her presence in the Los Angeles basin gives her the opportunity to meet face to face with many of the industry’s leaders.  Azzule has over the years expanded our commitment to listening to our customers’ needs and providing that commitment to understanding the industry’s needs.

Nicole is eager to join the team. “I am so grateful for the opportunity to join the talented team at Azzule in helping suppliers gain recognition for their efforts and buyers in their search to find suppliers that align with their company culture.”