One Banana CSR Programs Support World Water Day 2018

Coral Gables, Florida – Once a year, on March 22 the United Nations observes World Water Day to focus on the water challenges we face in the 21stcentury. According to UNESCO, understanding how to protect and manage water is a key element combating poverty and supporting sustainable development.

“There is no doubt that water plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives,” said Fernando Bolaños, from One Banana, a sustainable grower, shipper and distributor of tropical fruit with operations in Central and South America, United States and Europe. “It certainly is a major factor in sustainable agriculture and the development of communities surrounding farming operations. “

One Banana has invested in several smart irrigation techniques for better use of water and improved energy consumption. The technologies implemented over the last nine years have contributed to improving the productive yield of their plantations.

Some of the smart irrigation technologies:

· Sensors that sample and monitor moisture in the soil to regulate irrigation needs reduced water usage by 30%.

· A micro-spraying technology allows optimized application of irrigation in plantations, using water more efficiently and reducing application times by 33%. As a result, production improved by 7% and reduced the use of fuels by 30%.

· Probes that directly measure the moisture content of the soil in real time. The data from the probes is delivered in percentages to facilitate decision making for water usage.

One Banana is engaged in other water conservation projects, such as collecting water in eight reservoirs during the rainy season to use for irrigation when climate conditions require it. At the 1st Integrated Water Management Congress held recently in Guatemala, One Banana shared their expertise on water management and conservation with other companies. Topics covered were:

· Challenges and progress in integrated management

· Water and sanitation issues in the local communities

· Legal and institutional considerations in the integrated management of water

· Water storage, diversion, transportation and distribution

· Water conservation and reuse

· Progress in irrigation systems

· Current and future risks

One Banana’s quest for better irrigation technology is ongoing. They are evaluating the results of their smart irrigation programs and the impact on the local communities and the environment.

About One Banana

One Banana is a sustainable grower, shipper and distributor of tropical fruit with operations in the United States, Guatemala, Europe, Peru and Ecuador. It has emerged as a leader in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable farming. For more i

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