One Banana Presents Its Sustainability Report 2020

CORAL GABLES, Fla.–One Banana, the better banana Co., presents its seventh Corporate Sustainability Report reflecting on the achievements and execution of its Sustainability Strategy amid a life-changing year in 2020.

“We have taken more time, effort, and resources to prepare and publish our sustainability report due to the implementation of new methodologies to better measure and present how we create sustainable value,” said Javier Aguirre, Corporate Director of AgroAmerica. “In this challenging year, we updated the pillars of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy to align business priorities and the changing expectations of our stakeholders.”

One Banana and One Banana Ingredients are the brands under which AgroAmerica commercializes bananas and natural ingredients. This year, the corporation consolidated the banana ingredients business, reducing waste to a minimum and offering its customers a new range of sustainable food.

Some outstanding achievements are:

  • 186 million bananas transformed into food ingredients under the principle of zero waste.
  • Employment generation for 12,537 direct and indirect positions, promoting gender equality and growth opportunities for employees, their families, and communities.
  • Responsible use of natural resources through investment in technology that allows a reduction of up to 50% in water use compared to traditional irrigation technologies.
  • 11 international certifications, supporting the statement: We strive to achieve sustainable production every day.
  • Unprecedented efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic and extraordinary response to two hurricanes in the Central American region.
  • Continuity of existing projects regarding environmental conservation, education, health and nutrition, among other projects to promote the well-being of workers, their families, and communities in the area of influence, as well as support for community management activities.

“We are pleased to present our Sustainability Report to our customers, suppliers, certifying entities, and the general public,” said Fernando Bolaños, CEO of AgroAmerica. “It reflects our commitment to do responsible business and align our corporate management with the Sustainable Development Goals while complying with the Communication on Progress (CoP) before the United Nations Global Compact, an entity of which we have been a signatory since 2020.”

This report reaffirms the corporation’s commitment to producing food and ingredients responsibly and sustainably.

“Our report notes the progress we have made and sets our expectations for the future,” said Robert Adams, President of One Banana. “allowing One Banana to be the better banana Co.”,

View full report here.