One of Chile’s Main Exporters, Copefrut, Presents its Second Sustainability Report 2023

During the 2022/2023 season, the Chilean company, originating from the Maule Region, stood out for achieving the first carbon-neutral product in South America, thanks to the total compensation of emissions generated in the production, processing, and transportation of its organic apples to Europe and the United States.

Copefrut, one of the largest cherry exporters in the world, has just presented its second Sustainability Report, a document that transparently details the economic, social, and environmental performance during the 2022/2023 season, with the aim of promoting more sustainable, collaborative, and efficient agriculture.

“In a world that demands profound and urgent changes, being sustainable is not just a goal to achieve but a new paradigm that guides each of our actions and decisions, marking the path to the future. This is why two years ago, we committed to Sustainability through a comprehensive policy present in all our actions, from the daily tasks we perform to strategic decision-making,” said José Luis Soler, the chairman of the board.

Among its results, the company announced that its organic apples became the first carbon-neutral product in South America, thanks to mitigating the carbon footprint in the production, processing, and transportation of the product to the United States and Europe through the purchase of carbon offset credits for greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, their Energy Management System was reinforced with the aim of reducing the impact of operations on energy consumption.

Andrés Fuenzalida, the General Manager of the company, emphasized that “at Copefrut, we continue to encourage production that respects ecosystems, both in our facilities and in the orchards, by introducing sustainable and innovative practices that ensure the quality of our products and the efficiency of our work.”

Sustainable and Competitive

The report highlights the results obtained in three areas – social, environmental, and economic – during the 2022-2023 season.

In the past season, Copefrut exported nearly 71,000 tons of fruit to more than 40 countries across five continents, further consolidating its commercial platform in Asia, one of its main clients. The company exports five types of produce, thanks to the collaboration with over 210 local producers and a workforce of 279 employees, along with more than two thousand seasonal workers.

Alba Llavona, Head of Sustainability at Copefrut, comments that the results reflect a continuous relationship with local producers, progress towards operational excellence, and strong commercial performance, which have enabled the company to achieve positive numbers despite a global scenario marked by international conflicts, climate change, and social crises.

“We continue to maintain our competitiveness. We have successfully faced the challenges of the geopolitical and economic global context, thanks to efficient operations and robust financial management. This economic growth is essential for generating wealth and ensuring our sustainability, in line with our internal policies and the growing demands of consumers worldwide,” assures Llavona.

In terms of social performance, notable advances were also made in inclusion and gender equality, thanks to the implementation of Copefrut’s Inclusion and Diversity Policy. This policy aims to ensure equal opportunities by incorporating an inclusive vision in every process, oriented towards advancing in non-discrimination matters, whether by gender, age, nationality, or any physical, social, or cultural condition.

Finally, aiming to continue growing, one of the company’s main milestones during this season was increasing the processing capacity at the Cenlinares facility through the installation of a new 28-lane cherry line, allowing them to process over 6 million kg of this fruit per season.