Perfect Bar Navigates Shoppers to Real, Fresh Food in New ‘Perfect Impostor’ Campaign

 The Brand Created a Look Alike Protein Bar with its Own GPS to Simplify the Grocery Store Shopping Experience by Leading Shoppers Directly to the Fridge

SAN DIEGO — Perfect Snacks®, leader in the Fresh-Snacking category since 2005, announced a new campaign aimed to help overwhelmed shoppers simplify grocery store navigation when trying to find the perfect foods.

Perfect Bar created a look alike protein bar, complete with its own GPS, to guide shoppers to where the freshest products live – the fridge.  

“When we launched Perfect Bar nearly 20 years ago, we paved the way for a refrigerated protein bar with fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives,” said Leigh Keith, Co-Founder and Chief of Brand & Mission at Perfect Snacks. “Yet, we still find over 80% of American shoppers aren’t easily able to locate Perfect Bar in the grocery stores as many still find themselves searching for protein bars in the snack aisle. So, we decided this was a fun opportunity to redirect them to the fridge. We’re passionate about helping people choose the freshest ingredients and ensuring they know where to find us.”

To help bring this to life, the brand partnered with reality star Chelsea Blackwell, who famously went viral for her celebrity look alike comparison, to show shoppers how to spot the freshest products amongst the imposters. As seen in Perfect Bar’s latest creative video, as shoppers interacted with the look alike protein bar, they’re hilariously redirected to the fridge with a real-life GPS navigation reminding them not to fall for dupes in the snack aisle.

“There certainly were lots of opinions when I shared my experience with celebrity lookalikes,” says Chelsea Blackwell. “Now, I’m excited to partner with Perfect Bar to make sure no one gets duped by impostors in the snack aisle and to hopefully drive unanimous perceptions that freshness belongs in the fridge.”

To taste why Perfect Bars are refrigerated for a reason, shoppers can text FRIDGE to 83715 to receive a Perfect Bar for free, while supplies last. View all Perfect Impostor video content and learn more by visiting

About Perfect Snacks
Perfect Snacks is a collection of fresh-from-the-fridge protein snacks. Equally tasty and healthy, each Perfect Bar is packed with freshly ground nut butter, organic honey and 20+ superfoods, offering a convenient, delicious dose of whole food protein.

Refrigerated for a reason with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or stabilizers, Perfect Bar is stored in the fridge to preserve taste, texture and freshness.

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