Perpetuating the “Fear Barrier”

Recently, a large organic association announced that one of their top messages to promote organic foods through a new marketing initiative will be: “Organic is free from 700 chemicals allowed in conventional crops.”  Let’s discuss this in the context of produce.

This statement inaccurately conveys that one production method is safer than the other when the science clearly shows both organic and conventional fruits and vegetables are safe and can be eaten with confidence.  Further, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states:  Organic is a production term – it does not address the quality, safety or nutritional value of a product.”

But there is a lot more to unpack with this messaging.This statement ignores that farmers of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables often use the exact same tools to control pests and diseases, that their integrated pest management strategies are remarkably similar, and that all farmers take great care with their pest and disease control programs.

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