Premier Cherry Crop Available from Honeybear Brands

Elgin, Minn. – Honeybear Brands, a leading grower and marketer of premium apples, pears and cherries continues to grow its direct winter cherry program for retail partners. The companies’ dual-hemisphere cherry program provides the highest quality fruit available during winter, direct from Chile, and summer months, domestically from Washington and California. This program ensures retail partners don’t miss premium sales opportunities.

Honeybear Brands has more than twenty-five years of experience growing and importing premium apples and pears in Chile through our growing partner Frusan. This partnership has created a seamless opportunity to provide a premier cherry supply to our retail partners as Frusan continues to expand their cherry production.     

“Imported cherries require detailed attention to successfully get into the customers shopping basket, and we’re proud of the supply chain we have built ensuring our customers get the freshest, most flavorful fruit from Chile driving repeat sales,” says Don Roper, vice president sales and marketing, Honeybear Brands.

Shoppers often think of cherries as a seasonal fruit and don’t expect the same quality out of season, but Honeybear aims to change that mindset. Customers will be pleasantly surprised and eager to incorporate cherries into their winter celebrations and create a new satisfying healthy experience.

“Grower partnerships in the Southern Hemisphere allow us to provide some of the highest-quality fruit in the world. We are dedicated to take that privilege and help retailers avoid shrink, drive high sales and gain repeat customers,” continues Roper. Chilean Cherries are available late December through February and domestic cherries are available May through August.

About Honeybear Brands

Honeybear is a leading grower and developer of premium apple varieties.  Family owned and operated for more than forty years, Honeybear still employs the same hands-on, personal attention to each and every apple variety produced while holding to responsible sustainability practices. As a leading vertically integrated, dual hemisphere grower, packer, shipper, Honeybear offers supply of premium apples, pears and cherries on a year-round basis. Honeybear Brands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescott Agri Products. For more information about Honeybear, visit and follow us on Facebook.

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