Premium Apple Trio Now Available From Rice Fruit Company

Ambrosia, EverCrisp and KIKU® apples are now available –a powerful trio to promote local apples through the holidays and into the New Year.

Rice Fruit Company had a busy week, packing its first Ambrosia, EverCrisp, and KIKU® brand apples of the season all within a few days of each other. In a year of already exceptional flavor for the region, these varieties stand out with distinct flavors and complex taste.

Ambrosia has a brilliant red and yellow color that shines and really pops on the shelf. It is available in the familiar Rice label, and makes a great choice for color break in the apple lineup.

EverCrisp, developed in Ohio, has its own branded eye-catching packaging including an apple cleverly made from an infinity symbol. Popular in the local farm markets and pick-your-own orchards, this is an apple that will bring the feel of local harvest to your produce department.

KIKU® brand apples are a recognized favorite among fans of the super-sweet, juicy fruit. This year, they will be available in three-pound or four-pound poly bags to take advantage of the 2020 trifecta of locally sourced, grab and go, and good value that shoppers seek.

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KIKU® is a registered trademark of KIKU® Srl-GmbH, Italy, not an apple variety.

Rice Fruit Company is a member of the KIKU® Alliance with CMI Orchards and Applewood Orchards.