Produce Company Granting Farmworkers Wishes

In May, THX! Dreams will have produce (blueberries, lemons and pears) from Georgia! Currently produce is heavily from South America. Retailers are all over the US and can typically be found in Kroger, Safeway and the Albertsons stores, as well as Whole Foods and Publix.

Impactful International dreams granted from Thx! Dreams:

  • Argentina: A family lost their son, and both parents had agreed to give up on life. Seconds before it happened (yes, they had a gun and were going to end their lives) 2 THX! Dreams employees knocked on their home. They came to grant the wish of building a floor and roof on their home. The couple believed they were angels sent from their son. (the son had planned on building this with his dad.) The wish was granted and they have lived successful farming lives. 
  • Argentina: Fernando could not leave the house; he was an adult but his wheelchair was for an 8 year old. A wish was granted for him, and he now had a motorized scooter with a joy stick controller. He was even able to join the SPECIAL OLYMPICS TEAM! 
  • Peru: Rosa’s son had bone disease. Prior, he loved soccer. Through Rosa’s dream, THX! Dreams built a soccer academy in his neighborhood, where he was able to coach kids, which also greatly improved the lives of the neighborhood children! 

Some dreams granted from farmworkers in Georgia:

  • Maya – During the off-season, it was hard for 3 women to make ends meet. To grant a wish, THX! Dreams helped them set up a bakery business! Now they have a thriving business year-round.
  • Sanda is from Brazil. After relocating to Georgia, she could not speak any English, Through THX! Dreams, she was able to pay for English language classes. 
  • Maura – A single mother working during the day as a farmworker, she wanted to go to college at night to better her life. Through THX! Dreams, she was able to secure – any pay – for childcare so she could attend college!

More About Thx! Dreams 

Thx Dreams is a socially conscious producer of high quality fruit – like blueberries and cherries – that partners with farm workers and help their dreams come true! Simply scan product QR code and you can track farm workers unique dreams!  

How Thx Dreams Works:

  • Farm workers, from our partner growers, share with us their dreams.
  • Our Thx! labels individually feature the photo and name of some of these farm workers.QR code links to a video explaining these farm workers’ dream.
  • We set aside a portion of our profits to make these dreams come true.
  • By buying Thx! products, you help farm workers achieve their dream and you become a key contributor to fulfilling their dream!”

About Raul Fernandez , Co-Founder (and Chief Dream Maker)

Raul is a committed entrepreneur, passionate about creating a business model for an important for-good component. After many years working with International Fruit Logistics and having built a leading company, he took the risk and pushed himself out of the comfort zone to start again from zero.

With Thx Dreams he’s found a way to integrate his interests and skills with the needs of others. Raul has converted himself into a purpose-driven businessman, with one main goal: to make a positive difference in the world.