PROGNOSFRUIT 2022 (Belgrade, Serbia, 3-5 August 2022): Complete Program Published

The Prognosfruit Conference is Europe’s leading annual event for the apple and pear sector, gathering growers from across Europe. After two successful online events in 2020 and 2021, Prognosfruit returns as an in-person event in Belgrade, Serbia, from the 3rd to the 5th of August 2022. Registrations are now open, and stakeholders and journalists are welcome to register via the Prognosfruit website. The complete programme of the 3-day event is now available.

Prognosfruit, the leading annual event for the apple and pear sector, will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, from the 3rd to the 5th of August 2022, returning as an in-person event after two successful online editions. Registrations for Prognosfruit 2022, organised by WAPA in cooperation with Serbia Does Apples, are now open on the Prognosfruit website.

Since 1976, Prognosfruit has released the annual apple and pear production forecast for the upcoming season. This year, the three-day event during which the report will be released will see representatives of the sector gather to discuss the Northern Hemisphere situation as well as global perspectives for apples and pears. The complete programme of Prognosfruit 2022 is available below and on the Prognosfruit website, along with the online registration form to attend the conference.

The 3-day event will be structured as follows:

  • On August 3rd, the Prognosfruit 2022 participants will enjoy a sightseeing tour of the city of Belgrade, followed by the Welcome Reception, which will take place at Belgrade’s Royal Palace;
  • The Prognosfruit 2022 Conference will take place on August 4th at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade. In the morning session, the European apple and pear forecast for the upcoming season will be revealed and complemented by an analysis of the market situation in the USA and China and a panel discussion with the major EU producers. The afternoon session will focus on the global perspectives for apples and pears, with an analysis of rising costs and logistical hurdles and an analysis of the sector in the EU neighbourhood;
  • The Conference will be followed by a Gala Dinner at the Kalemegdanska terasa on the evening of August 4th;
  • The event will conclude on August 5th with a technical visit to the apple orchard of the company Atos Fructum, on the southern slope of Fruška Gora.

All the information about Prognosfruit 2022 and the online registration form to attend the conference available on the Prognosfruit website. The registration form also includes the instructions to receive a discounted rate for your accommodation at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade (valid until July 3rd).

Prognosfruit 2022 – Programme

Thursday 4 August 2022: Prognosfruit 2022 Conference

Simultaneous translation in Italian, French, German, and Serbian available 08:30 – Hyatt Regency Belgrade


  • Luc Vanoirbeek, Prognosfruit/COPA COGECA
  • Dominik Wozniak, WAPA
  • Gojko Zagorac, Serbia Does Apples
  • Representative of the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture
  • Representative of USAID
  • Philippe Binard, WAPA

MORNING SESSION: Northern Hemisphere apple and pear forecast

  • Apple outlook:
  • Apple forecast 2022/2023: Philippe Binard, WAPA
  • Fresh apples market outlook 2022/2023: Helwig Schwartau, AMI
  • Specific market perspectives:
  • Organic outlook: Fritz Prem, EBF
  • Processing outlook: Franz Ennser, Austria Juice
  • Cider Market: Milica Jevtic, AICV – European Cider and Fruit Wine Association
  • International aspects:
  • Outlook for USA: Todd Fryhoffer, Washington Apples Commission (Online)
  • Outlook for China: Paul Lu, CFNA (Online)
  • Pear outlook:
  • Pear forecast 2022/2023: Philippe Binard, WAPA •     Fresh pear market outlook: Helwig Schwartau, AMI
  • International aspects:
  • USA outlook: Jeff Correa USA Pears (Online)
  • Panel discussion on apples and pears with lead countries representatives (PL, IT, FR, ES, DE, BE, NL)


Rue de Trèves 49-51 bte 8 ∙ 1040 Brussels ∙ Belgium ∙ Tel: +32 2 777 15 80 ∙ Fax: +32 2 777 15 81 ∙ e-mail:

AFTERNOON SESSION: Global perspective for apples and pears

  • “Rising costs and logistics hurdles: where are we heading to?” Nelli Hajdu, Freshfel Europe
  • Apples and pears in the EU neighbourhood:
  • Opening remarks: Philippe Binard, WAPA
  • Serbia: Julka Toskic, Serbia Does Apples
  • Perspective for Western Balkan: Miloš Milovanović, FAO
  • Moldova: Iuri Falla, Moldovafruct
  • Ukraine: Oleksanra Manko, Fruit Inform
  • Turkey: Senere Batum, Ozler Tarim
  • Central Asia and Caucasus: Andriy Yarmak, FAO Investment Center
  • India: Tarun Arora, IG International


  • Prognosfruit 2023 announcement
  • Closing remarks by Luc Vanoirbeek, Prognosfruit/COPA COGECA

Thursday 4 August 2022: Gala Dinner

20:00 – Kalemegdanska terasa

Friday 5 August 2022: Technical visit at the apple orchard of the company Atos Fructum, on the southern slope of Fruška Gora

09:00 – Atos Fructum orchard

Participants can be dropped off at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport at 14:00

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