Pure Green Farms Launches Website this Week

SOUTH BEND, IN – Leafy greens are officially growing at the new hydroponic farm in the Midwest. Pure Green Farms are now growing their four lettuce varieties for their inaugural SKUs and are looking forward to their products being in stores starting in March. This week the company announced their website launch which highlights the farm’s advanced technology, growing practices, and products that will be offered.

“We’re excited to be getting closer to our products being in stores and look forward to the future of our growth,” says Joe McGuire, CEO of Pure Green Farms. “We’ve got an excellent production team and have worked hard to get ready for our official release date.  The launch of the website is just one of the important steps in getting ready for next month.”

Pure Green Farms will provide crisp and fresh greens to their retail partners in the Midwest. They follow the most sustainable growing practices allowing their greens to be grown with less water and no pesticides. The lettuces are grown, packed, and shipped hands-free, making them some of the cleanest grown greens in the country.

To learn more about Pure Green Farms check out their website: http://www.enjoypuregreen.com/

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About Pure Green Farms

Launching in 2021, Pure Green Farms grows, packs and ships leafy greens hands-free in the Midwest.  Their purpose is to grow responsible fresh produce through innovative farming.  Located in South Bend, Indiana, the farm uses environmentally friendly practices to grow their greens through its high-tech, climate-controlled space and hydroponic growing system to produce the highest quality of leafy greens for their customers year-round. Pure Green Farms’ vision is to reimagine the way of farming with their innovative technology to provide fresh produce consumers can trust.