QA Supplies Promotes Agricultural Education at the Yakima Valley Museum

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, USA – QA Supplies donated over $500 worth equipment and technical instruments to the Yakima Valley Museum for their new STEM interactive agricultural exhibit which focuses primarily on apple-production and a live observation beehive. Within this exhibit, children can interact with a bee-smoker, try on a bee-veil, or explore a commercial beehive by removing the interior frames. 

QA Supplies supplied the museum with a refractometer and a FT327 fruit firmness tester among other quality assurance equipment. “With a passion for educating both children and professionals in proper produce quality testing techniques, we believe this exhibit will be an excellent learning opportunity for the Washington apple community,” said Russ Holt, Sales & Marketing Manager at QA Supplies.

“The Yakima Valley Museum has plans to create a video ‘wall’ approximately eight feet wide and nine feet tall to screen a selection of focused segments that show the incredible advances in the technology and science behind modern apple farming,” stated Peter Arnold, Director of Yakima Valley Museum. Arnold continued, “The second element will be to introduce interactives and the equipment so generously donated by QA Supplies will provide a major focus and allow us to explore the science behind the refraction of light and pressure and their application to apple farming.”

The process of agricultural quality testing has been honed by QA Supplies after years of providing agricultural professionals with quality and freshness testing equipment. As one of the largest cultural history museums in Washington, Arnold stated, “We believe that these additions in our exhibits and interpretation will significantly enhance the educational content for visitors – especially schoolchildren – and draw attention to the significant opportunities that exist right here in the Valley for high-tech careers.”

About QA Supplies LLC

Founded in 1995, QA Supplies has thousands of competitively priced products designed to meet the needs of professionals who monitor, control, or evaluate environmental conditions to assure that the quality of fresh produce and other perishables, including meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy, will be maintained. With thermometers, water quality testers, air analyzers, insulated covers, etc., we supply anything you need to guarantee quality and freshness.


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