Red Sun Farms Expands Texas Cold Storage Facility Once Again

Pharr, TX – Red Sun Farms announced that Phase III construction has begun on their Pharr, Texas cold storage facility. The additional expansion is designed to meet the increasing demand for their greenhouse grown produce.

The Pharr facility opened in 2011 boasting 18,000 square feet of cold storage space. In 2014, Red Sun Farms built a further 24,000 square feet. To accommodate the continuous growing demand, Red Sun Farms has decided to build an additional 24,000 square feet. Once this third phase is complete, the facility will be 66,000 square feet in total. The expansion is scheduled to be operational in September of this year.

“Truly, we are expanding for our retail partners. This expansion will enable us to increase our direct shipment capabilities and will ultimately result in fresher produce on their shelves” says Carlos Visconti, COO of Red Sun Farms.

Red Sun Farms is proud to be the largest North American Greenhouse grower that is completely vertically integrated. The vertical integration benefits all of their customers, by the control they have over every step of the supply chain. Red Sun Farms owns their greenhouses in Mexico, USA and Canada. When you buy from Red Sun Farms, you are buying direct from the grower. They control the seed selection, propagation, growing, harvesting, packaging and the transportation to their partner’s stores.

In addition to traditional greenhouse grown tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, Red Sun Farms is beginning their third year of offering their Organic Series of greenhouse grown produce from Mexico, USA and Canada. With the additional production increase, the expansion in Pharr will help with the demand for shorter travel times, direct store shipments and full transparency.


Do you really know where your greenhouse produce comes from? From the pristine greenhouses on their very own land, Red Sun Farms offers a 12-month supply of hydroponically grown and organically grown tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers. Red Sun Farms is the first and only company in North America with ownership in the NAFTA region. The company offers a full range of greenhouse grown vegetables grown in Canada, USA and Mexico.

Source: Red Sun Farms