Red Sun Farms Lights Are On In Wapakoneta

Wapakoneta, Ohio – Red Sun Farms is proud to announce the lights are on and first set of seedlings have been planted on January 21st 2017.

Announced on May 3, 2016 Wapakoneta Ohio marked the 2nd U.S expansion for Red Sun Farms. This facility will be equipped to provides fresh greenhouse produce anywhere within a 10 hour transport radius, covering nearly 60% of the U.S population

The farm features state of the art technology, such as high pressure sodium lighting, that increases the growing season of fresh local greenhouse produce. It also features a high-tech water recycling systems to greatly reduce its environmental impact.

Over 200,000 seedlings will be planted across 20 acres of greenhouse space. Paul J. Mastronardi, co-owner of the project, indicates that the first group of crops will be ready within 8 weeks. This new facility is also the home of a 26,000 square foot distribution center to provide our retail and foodservice partners with some of the freshest, most flavorful greenhouse produce in North America

This initial step marks the first stage of a facility.


Red Sun Farms is proud to be the largest vertically integrated North American Greenhouse grower, ensuring control over every step of the supply chain. Red Sun Farms owns greenhouses in Mexico, USA and Canada. Quality is maintained throughout seed selection, propagation, growing, harvesting, packaging and the transportation to their partner’s stores. When you buy from Red Sun Farms, you are buying direct from the grower.

Source: Red Sun Farms