Ripe & Ready to Eat Mangos May Increase Retail Sales

The National Mango Board has recently partnered with Catalytic Generators to explain how a ripening mango program may work.


Similar to how ripening has impacted the world of avocados, bananas, pears, kiwis, and other produce items, it has completely revolutionized the mango industry. The National Mango Board, working alongside produce professionals, has determined that ripening protocols, sometimes called pre-conditioning, have had a positive impact on consumer satisfaction and sales for ripened fruit. “We have seen retailers who have converted to the ripening program sustain increases in volume, said Tammy Wiard, retail marketing manager for the National Mango Board.

University of California-Davis conducted in-store consumer tests on behalf of the National Mango Board indicating that consumer acceptance doubles, increasing from approximately 39% for mature/unripe mangos to 87% for the same fruit ripe/ready to eat1. The proper use of the mango ripening protocol, educational, and promotional programs may increase consumption, increase sales, and benefit overall consumer health,” said Manuel Michel, executive director of the National Mango Board. “Consumers have said time and time again that they prefer the taste and quality of fruit that has been through ripening programs. They constantly boast that they look forward to purchasing from those particular retailers again.”

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