RubyFrost Apples Are Back

Lockport, New York – One of the best dessert apples is back! The unmistakably tart but sweet flavor of a RubyFrost™ apple will soon be available in select produce aisles just in time for family gatherings over the holiday season. The premium variety is grown by Crunch Time Apple Growers, a group of more than 150 New York State-based growers. Crunch Time also grows the Official Apple of the Buffalo Bills, SnapDragon. 

Last year, RubyFrost held its own, with strong growth at several of the top retailers; and the same is expected this year. 

“RubyFrost is the perfect apple for the holidays with its beautiful color, a slightly tart flavor profile that makes it ideal for holiday recipes but that is just sweet enough to serve as part of a charcuterie board or as a quick snack,” said Jessica Wells, executive director, Crunch Time Apple Growers.

For those who prefer a slight tart flavor, balanced taste and crispy texture, RubyFrost is the perfect apple. Its flavor profile makes RubyFrost perfect for charcuterie, a beautiful apple tart or for Grandma’s old-fashioned apple pie. 

“RubyFrost is one of my favorites; it not only looks like royalty, but also tastes great and never fails to deliver crisp and juicy flavor, even when I toss it in my backpack and carry it around all day before taking a bite,” said fifth-generation farmer Joel Crist of Crist Bros. Orchards Inc. and Crunch Time Apple Growers board chair.

RubyFrost apples were developed by Dr. Susan Brown of Cornell University in Geneva, NY. RubyFrost is grown commercially in New York, giving the variety a competitive advantage over West Coast premium apples with cost-effective transportation to primary selling regions, greater freshness, quality and, ultimately, lower shelf prices.

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About Crunch Time Apple Growers

When you bite into a Crunch Time apple, you’re not just tasting an incredible apple, but the incredible love and labor of more than 150 family farmers across New York State. Every Crunch Time apple is non-GMO — super crunchy, delightfully juicy, beautifully colored and carefully grown. When you purchase a Crunch Time apple, you’re biting into history while also helping to sustain the future of family farming for generations to come. For more information please visit, or