RubyFrost Apples Ready to Hit the Markets With Dynamic Promotions

NEW YORK — Nurtured and grown by Crunch Time Apple Growers, RubyFrost® apples will launch in select retailers this week. 

RubyFrost is one of two managed varieties developed by Cornell University and marketed exclusively by Crunch Time Apple Growers (CTAG).  CTAG is a group of 147 premier apple farmers across New York state dedicated to producing the highest quality, most flavorful and innovative apples on the market. 

RubyFrost made a successful debut in 2014 and has been gaining traction quickly as the “jewel” of the produce aisle.  RubyFrost sales have increased over the last three seasons with the apples selling out quickly in major retailers.

CTAG plans on investing significant dollars in 2019 to promote the apple to consumers through digital advertising and retail store events and promotions.  In 2018, social media promotions for RubyFrost delivered exceptional results with Facebook page engagement up 98% over the previous year, Facebook page impressions up 296% over the previous year and engagement on Instagram increasing 213% over 2017.

“Campaigns like Baker’s Little Helper really help us connect with our fans and push traffic directly to retail store doors, ” says Rena Montedoro, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  Upcoming 2019 promotions for RubyFrost include a 1st quarter BOGO promotion, a Ruby pendant in-store display contest, and Baker’s Little Helper online contest.

Montedoro explains RubyFrost apples are picked fresh during fall harvest and kept in cold storage for several months to allow the apple’s distinct flavor to develop.  “RubyFrost actually gets better in cold storage” Montedoro says, “making RubyFrost the perfect ‘winterfresh’ apple.”  Montedoro adds, “Biting into a RubyFrost apple in February delivers all the juiciness, crunch and flavor fans would experience picking a RubyFrost right off an orchard tree on a crisp fall day.”

Highly versatile, RubyFrost is a delicious fresh eating apple with a definitive crisp texture. Slow to brown and very high in Vitamin C, like its cousin SnapDragon®, RubyFrost is exceptionally juicy, with just the right balance of sweet and tart.  RubyFrost makes an outstanding baking apple holding its shape and flavor.  RubyFrost is also an excellent choice for both sweet and savory recipes. 

Bite a Crunch Time Apple – Support a Farmer!

When you bite into a Crunch Time apple, you are tasting not just an incredible apple, but the love and labor of 147 family farmers across the great state of New York. Every Crunch Time apple is non-GMO – super crunchy, delightfully juicy, beautifully colored and carefully grown. When you purchase a Crunch Time apple, you are biting into a little history and helping sustain the future of family farming for generations to come.