Sakata Seed America Continues to Strengthen Tomato Breeding Team with Industry Veteran, Jeremy Sisson

Ft. Myers, FL – Sakata Seed America recently announced the further expansion of its robust tomato breeding team to include accomplished industry veteran, Jeremy Sisson, in a new, specialized role.  Jeremy joins Sakata as Senior Tomato Breeder with an emphasis on the saladette tomato segment.

Sisson boasts over 15 years of previous experience in the tomato breeding arena, specializing in the saladette category.

“The saladette category – both indeterminate and determinate – is an extremely complex and competitive category with huge potential.  As Sakata continues to build and secure its leadership position in the tomato segment, we expect further growth of our market share to come with the leadership and expertise that Jeremy brings to an already outstanding team,” states Jeff Zischke, Senior Director, Research & Development for Sakata.

Sisson is based out of the Sakata Fort Myers Research Station; an ideal base to foster collaboration with Sakata’s breeding, biotechnology and pathology resources.

“Jeremy is a tremendous addition to our team,” says Bryan Zingel, Sakata’s Senior Tomato Product Manager. “Sakata has a strong and developing portfolio of products in the saladette category and a skilled and passionate team positioning us for success.  Our extensive network of international experts and global partners further enable us to understand and tackle this segment, providing better value to growers; and, ultimately, supplying superior products to end-consumers.”

“My professional and personal passions align well with the Sakata mission, making this opportunity particularly compelling to me. I am laser-focused on the development of sustainable and innovative solutions in the creation of vegetable hybrids to meet the modern challenges of different geographical production regions, with the end goal of creating high-quality, healthy vegetables for people to enjoy,” notes Sisson. “Joining a company with the reputation of Sakata’s creates endless channels of opportunity for cross-functional connection and exceptional product development.

Sisson received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biological Sciences from West Virginia State University, where he also received a Master of Science (M.S.) in Biotechnology.


Headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, Sakata Seed America is a major research, seed production and marketing-distribution subsidiary of Sakata Seed Corporation, established in 1913.   Sakata Seed America serves as the headquarters for the North American operations. Sakata’s objective is to quickly and efficiently meet industry expectations for quality seed, innovative genetics and excellent greenhouse and field performance.