Satur Farms Releases New Line of Organic Salad Dressings

Cutchogue, NY – In a move that will make health-conscious consumers rejoice, Long Island, New York-based Satur Farms unveiled a new line of organic salad dressings, to cater to the country’s growing demand for healthy, chemical-free food. According to a recent Nielsen survey, 66% of U.S. respondents say they’re eating healthier now than they were two years ago, and 64% are trying to buy healthier foods. A total of 63%, however, say eating right is proving to be difficult. This trend is especially evident in the salads industry, which has grown very rapidly in the last 10 years. Second only to complete salad kits, organic salad sales have seen the biggest growth in the packaged salad industry, and Satur Farms aims to both address and “dress” this demand. “There is very high demand for dressings that are made with fresh organic premium ingredients,” said Paulette Satur, owner of Satur Farms.

The packaged salads industry rose 8% to $3.7 billion in 2016, with prepackaged organic salads growing faster than the average, posting a healthy 12% jump year-over-year. The trend is growing. ”We aim to disrupt the refrigerated dressing section in markets with our dressings, which means producing a product particularly appealing to the health-conscious consumer and one presented in innovative packaging,” Satur continued. “Therefore, in addition to being superbly delicious, our dressings will be Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made exclusively with ‘clean’ ingredients by real farmers. The packaging will set us apart. We portion our dressings into 1 oz, single serve pouches, and pack 6 of the pouches in a master bag. These 1 oz portioned pouches mean no food waste, no messy expired dressing bottles, they are convenient, travel easily to work or leisure, are pre-portioned for calorie counters, and are light for shipping. Ultra-premium dressings in single-serving pouch packaging is new territory.”

Satur Farms makes it clear where their dressings are made. “To emphasize that we are indeed a farm, photos of our salad greens front our dressing packages,” said Satur. “The back of the bag explains who we are and highlights the clean ingredients, all to assure the consumer total transparency. Our dressings will help contribute to the sustainability of our farm by creating a steady revenue stream year-round.”