SEPC Issues the Golden Rule Challenge to Southern Exposure Exhibitors

Millen, GA – The Southeast Produce Council’s Chairman of the Board, Brandon Parker of Shuman Farms, is encouraging SEPC members to look past what we can get out of Southern Exposure 2020 to feature what we can give back. After choosing a platform of service entitled “Make a Difference” for his term at the helm of the SEPC Board of Directors, Parker has led the development of the underlying theme of the conference to highlight how the SEPC and member companies can give back to the communities within and surrounding our industry.

“The platform of ‘Make a Difference’ is at the heart of who we are at the SEPC. From cause marketing, to sustainability in our work environment, to lending a helping hand to a community or organization in need, or even just putting a smile on a co-worker or family member’s face when they’re having a bad day…we all have so many opportunities to give back. This council continues to give selflessly, whether it be with its members, the communities we represent, or providing the latest information on trending topics in our industry, the SEPC truly makes a difference. So, I want to challenge everyone to ‘Make a Difference’ in our industry and communities.” ~ Brandon Parker, SEPC Chairman of the Board, Shuman Farms

Thus, The Golden Rule Challenge has been issued to Southern Exposure exhibitors, encouraging them to feature how they make a difference within their booth display during the exposition. The Golden Rule, deemed as such due to its valuable instruction to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31), is the foundation upon which the SEPC has been built for the past 20 years. SEPC President and CEO David Sherrod notes, “it is not a gimmick or a marketing tactic; it is a sincere compassion for others that is ingrained in the purpose of the organization.”

Of course, the SEPC is still holding its popular Southern Exposure Booth Decorating Contest in which exhibitors can decorate their booth in Mardi Gras flair with the Southern Exposure theme, Produce on Parade, to compete for prizes. They can even increase their odds of snagging a prize by incorporating their charitable support or cause-based marketing into their display. However, the primary goal of this endeavor is to create a more familial atmosphere as exhibitors and attendees alike find common ground in serving others for the greater good of our industry and our world.