Significant Growth & Expansion For Sev-Rend’s Sof-Net Netting

Sev-Rend High-Performance Packaging has seen significant growth in their netting line Sof-Net over the past year.  Over 4 years ago Sev-Rend made the capital investment to domestically manufacture soft, knitted netting to meet the needs of their growing produce client list.  Today they have quadrupled their capacity to manufacture their netting in their main headquarters in Collinsville, IL.  Sev-Rend now adds custom colored soft knitted netting along with extruded netting to their product lines for their customers.

“The produce market saw a big need for a fast turnaround on this specific packaging item” says General Manager Greg Petermeyer.  “We saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled and took to the opportunity aggressively.”

Since domestic manufacturing for netting is limited in the United States, Sev-Rend took the opportunity to capitalize on this need with the fast turnaround time being a big strength.  On top of this – Sev-Rend’s netting (known as Sof-Net) is the perfect drop in component for all produce industry packing equipment and has proven to be ideal for clipping and welding options that are popular in the produce packaging world.

“Due to the high demand for netting in the produce industry we have decided to expand our portfolio in this specific product to include custom colors, extruded netting, and the new Colortone Netting that we introduced at the PMA Fresh Summit this year” states Tony O’Driscoll – Sev-Rend’s VP of Sales & Marketing.  Colortone Netting blends 2 different netting colors together to add extra depth to customer’s knitted produce packaging.  This is a custom netting line that Sev-Rend is already working closely with some of their select clients on, but it is also available to the general produce market.  These new additions of extruded and custom colored netting is now available from Sev-Rend with a quick lead-time on specific items.   

Sev-Rend’s headquarters is centrally located just outside of St. Louis, MO in Collinsville, IL.  Sev-Rend was established in 1993 and will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2018.

Source: Sev-Rend High-Performance Packaging