Six Ls Packing Get Florida Harvest Underway

Immokalee, FL; November 2, 2009 Known for tomatoes, Six Ls Packing is starting the Florida harvest season with expanded acreage and several new crops.

For the 2009-2010 harvest season Six Ls Packing will be harvesting over 16,000 acres of Florida tomatoes, watermelons, green peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, jalapenos and eggplant. New offerings for this season include sweet corn and green beans along with nearly double the acreage of potatoes.

As one of Floridas largest tomato growers, and recently named to The Vegetable Grower Magazines Top 100 Growers, Six Ls emphasis on growing excellence starts in their own greenhouses. The Lipman Family of Companies, employs a staff breeders that work to develop new tomato varieties that are not only disease resistant but provide quality eating experiences. This years harvest includes expanded acreage of proprietary varieties of both high flavor grape tomatoes and Vintage Ripe Heirloom Style tomatoes.

In addition to acreage increases and the addition of new crops, Six Ls is also taking significant strides toward expanded sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. In the area of sustainability Six Ls has incorporated recycling programs, solar power and water conservation along with updating equipment and technology to reduce fuel, water and pesticide usage.

In the area of social responsibility, Six Ls has taken a leadership position on wages and housing benefits. Six Ls is a member of the Socially Accountable Farm Employers Program (SAFE) which certifies employment, health, housing and worker safety practices for all field workers and provides third party condition audits of all farm operations and housing to foster work environments that are free of hazard, intimidation, violence and harassment. Six Ls has also donated over $850,000 year to date to community organizations, supported over $30,000 in scholarships and offered free day care and HEADSTART programming for the children of field workers.

Darren Micelle, Six Ls Chief Marketing Officer commented, For over 90+ years, we have been a family owned and family run company. Our commitment to quality, our workers and the environment must go hand in hand. We are proud of the advancements we have made and credit our employees and customers for helping us think of new ways to add value to the business.

Source: Six L’s Packing