Smoky Mountain Family Farms Announces Expansion, Acquisition

Smoky Mountain Family Farms (SMFF) premium tomato farming operation announces strategic plan for expansion and the acquisition of Triple C Family Farms of Midway, TN.  

Since beginning their partnership in SMFF in Spring 2020, the Pappas, Esformes and Hellers, three fourth-generation tomato farming and distribution families, have created a unique opportunity to showcase eastern Tennessee agriculture. Executing on one part of their strategic expansion, they have purchased Triple C Family Farms.

Together, their expertise in the tomato industry brings an unwavering commitment to food safety, product quality and reliability. In addition, with a dedication to equitable treatment of workers, SMFF is the first and only Tennessee farm to be certified by the Fair Food Program in partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW). This SMFF farming expansion includes an expansion of the programs reach for fair treatment of farm workers into Tennessee.

Aris Pappas and Jon Esformes, Co-Managing Partners of Smoky Mountain Family Farms, say in a joint statement:

We had a vision for a regionally local summer and fall fresh tomato farming operation. This acquisition of Triple C, is one part of our strategic plan to provide the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Appalachian Mountain and Midwest regions with the absolute finest in outdoor-grown tomatoes. We are honored to have the opportunity to continue to build upon the legacy of the Chandley family in our expansion from Newport into Midway and beyond.

Production has tripled heading into the 2021 season with the acquisition.

SMFF now operates out of Newport, TN and Midway, TN locations. This strategy consolidates Pacific Tomato Growers’ Virginia operation, which was closed in late 2020, as part of their plan and in anticipation of this Tennessee farming expansion.  

Additional farmland purchases in the offseason will support further growth into the 2022 season and the future.

SMFF will be “Following the Sun, Leading in Quality”® and packing premium outdoor-grown rounds, romas, snacking tomatoes and organics under the renowned Sunripe Certified and Suncoast Certified brand names. 

For more information about Smoky Mountain Family Farms contact, or reach out to Aris or Jon directly.

Aris Pappas
Managing Partner SMFF/Co-CEO Pete Pappas & Sons Inc
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Jon Esformes
Managing Partner SMFF/CEO Sunripe Certified Brands
Office: (941) 722-3291
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