Spread has Acquired GLOBALG.A.P. Certification at its Kameoka Plant and Techno Farm Keihanna

Kyoto, Japan.–Spread Co., Ltd. (HQ: Kyoto, Japan; CEO: Shinji Inada, hereinafter “Spread”) has acquired the internationally recognized GLOBALG.A.P. certification for production management at its vertical farms: Kameoka Plant (Kameoka, Kyoto), a pioneer in reaching profitability at a large scale vertical farm, and next generation Techno Farm Keihanna, which has successfully achieved major labor savings through unprecedented large scale automation. Through acquiring the certification, in addition to existing efforts of food and workplace safety management, environmental sustainability and traceability, Spread has updated its processes to incorporate measures for mitigating the risk of infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus. Doing so has further reinforced Spread’s ability to produce and supply safe, clean and healthy lettuce, even in the COVID-19 era.

Purpose of GLOBALG.A.P.’s Acquisition

GLOBALG.A.P. certification is increasingly being recognized as one of the global standards for sustainable agriculture. By acquiring GLOBALG.A.P. Spread strives to reassure retailers and consumers of the strength of its production system and the quality of its produce.

Effects of GLOBALG.A.P.’s Acquisition at Spread

・ Visualization of strict hygiene and product quality standards

・ Raising awareness of the employees through conducting labor safety courses and displaying related information via signs and notices

・ Communicating information about production system safety and environmental sustainability to the stakeholders

Future Developments

Moving forward, the labels of packaged lettuce products from Spread’s GLOBALG.A.P. certified factories will indicate this certification status with a GLOBALG.A.P. Number. 

Spread will commit to the continuous enforcement of hygiene and safety management, and the promotion of environmental sustainability through the development of new technologies. By pursuing indoor vertical farming in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders and partners, Spread aims to create a sustainable society and contribute to the achievement of  the SDGs.

  • GLOBALG.A.P. Overview

G.A.P. is a farm management program and stands for “Good Agricultural Practices.” GLOBALG.A.P. is an international certification that evaluates more than 200 items from the standpoint of food safety, environmental preservation, workplace safety and traceability. It is demanded of producers, particularly in North America and Europe, when entering into business arrangements with large distributors, and also it is increasingly becoming a food procurement standard at international events. 

  • Kameoka Plant, the Profitability Pioneer of Vertical Farming


Spread’s Kameoka Plant has cracked one of the toughest challenges in commercial vertical farming. Since starting operations in 2007, Spread has developed sophisticated technologies of environmental control, and significantly improved the overall operational efficiency at the Kameoka Plant. Together this has brought the yield rate to 97% and enabled Kameoka Plant become profitable in 2013.

  • Techno Farm Keihanna. Massive labor savings thanks to automation Capacity:3t/day

Started operations in 2018. The first vertical farm to utilize next generation food production system Techno FarmTM. At the R&D facility attached to the farm, development of the new cultivation techniques, as well as AI and IoT systems is underway. As the mother plant of Techno FarmTM, Techno Farm Keihanna will serve as the foundation for the never-ending evolution of new technologies.

Innovative technologies, allowing for simultaneous increase in productivity and environmental sustainability:  

・ Automated cultivation

・ Recycling of over 90% of the water, used in cultivation

・ Advanced technologies of environmental control

・ LED lighting, tailored for the usage in vertical farm

・ Upgrade in operational efficiency due to IT-based cultivation management system 

  • Next Generation Food Production System Techno FarmTM

Developed by Spread with the help of partner companies, Techno FarmTM builds on the know-how refined at the Kameoka Plant in more than 10 years of its operation. Automated cultivation, water recycling and environmental control technologies, specialized LED lighting as well as IoT and AI make for simultaneous increase in productivity and environmental sustainability. Spread will continue to promote this technology as an essential part of sustainable agriculture.


  • Over 60 Million Packs Sold in Total*1

Vertically Farmed Vegetables Brand Vegetus

Under the concept of “Easy, Elegant, Full of Flavor”, Vegetus helps to add a fresh new color to dining tables around the world, striving to be a sustainable lettuce, good for people and the Earth alike. It is a favorite of children who enjoy our lettuce. Spread’s current lineup includes 3 unique varieties: crunchy Frilly Lettuce, smooth and sweet Pleated Lettuce, and soft yet crispy Fringe Lettuce. Each of these delivers clean and fresh taste and is rich in beta-carotene. *2

Due to being rich in varieties and extra clean, Vegetus is easy to prepare and fits into any meal, not only salads and sandwiches, but brings an extra crunch to soups and other cooked foods.

URLwww.vegetus.com (Japanese only)                         

Contribution to SDGs

Examples of Spread’s contribution

・ Goal 2: Zero Hunger – Promotion of sustainable food production

・ Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth – Labor saving through automation and digital transformation

・ Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production – Helping to reduce food loss due to most part of lettuce being edible

・ Goal 13: Climate Action – Promoting resilient agriculture

・ Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals – Techno FarmTM Partnership Business 

Spread contributes to the achievement of SDGs until 2030 through its efforts in vertical farming. Through innovative technologies and efficient supply chain, it also strives to develop a Global Food Infrastructure and protect food security for the people of the world.

*1 Actual numbers of lettuce, produced and sold by Spread

*2 Vegetus clears Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare standards for the “betacarotene rich” vegetables. (equal or more than 600µg/100g)

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