Starr Ranch Growers Supports JUICI Apple Harvest With Marketing Activities

Wenatchee, WASH – Starr Ranch Growers is supporting sales of JUICIÔ apples this fall with several marketing activities, starting with the launch of JUICI-specific social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

The company plans to leverage the social media sites to host givewaways including five gift boxes containing JUICI apples with drink tumblers and JUICI drink recipe cards with a customized JUICI-scented candle labeled, “Cheers to JUICI Harvest.”

In addition, the company will give away 20 gift boxes containing JUICI apples and customized JUICI slides (athletic slides/slippers) with a customized JUICI-scented candle labeled, “Sliding Into JUICI Harvest.”

The company has a new partnership with a major social media influencer who will promote JUICI apples on their respective sites and is also working with micro influencers on similar promotional activities.

Micro-influencers focus on a specific niche or area and are generally regarded as an industry expert or topic specialist,” said Dan Davis, director of business development.  “They understand their followers and know what kind of content they want to consume so they create content that resonates with their audience and helps them establish a sense of bonding and trust.”

This harvest is the first time the company has had organic JUICI apples in promotional quantities.  The company has new packaging for both conventional and organic JUICI apples in corrugated boxes that reduce the use of plastic, and is adding a JUICI specific page of content with recipes and other usage facts, on the Starr Ranch Growers website.

“Marketing is key to driving trial and repeat purchase,” Davis said. “We are successful in getting JUICI apples into our retail partners’ stores, now we have to make sure their shoppers can find them, try them and come back for more.”

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