Stemilt Expands Apple Lover Packs To Include Organic

WENATCHEE, Wash. – Organic apple shoppers, rejoice! Washington State grower, packer and shipper, Stemilt Growers will be expanding their Apple Lover 5lb. pouch bag program with multiple Artisan Organics™ apple varieties at the end of January. The popular Apple Lover program was launched in 2016 and has captured attention of the biggest apple shoppers in stores in order to help retailers boost volume sales of apples.

“The Apple Lover pack increases the shopper’s purchase size, so we see a rise in volume, which leads to increased sales for the retailer,” states Roger Pepperl, Stemilt’s marketing director. “We expect to see a considerable amount of success with the Artisan Organics™ Apple Lover pack due to the convenience of the bag and the overall increase of the organic category.”

As the rise of the organic category continues, Pepperl believes that the organic varieties available will engage well with organic shoppers who consume large amounts of apples each week. The Artisan Organics™ Apple Lover 5lb. bag will feature four popular organic varieties including: Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith and Red Delicious. 

“These varieties will bode well with organic apple shoppers as they are long-lasting varieties, that are popular among every age group,” states Pepperl. “The bag is brightly colored so it really pops in the refrigerator, encouraging kids and adults alike to grab an apple – resulting in quicker consumption.” 

The Artisan Organics™ Apple Lover pack design and packaging was created in-house by Stemilt’s marketing team. The pouch bag is designed for easy grab-and-go convenience for shoppers who are looking for high quality and convenience. The packaging also has the ability to stand up, making it easier for the consumer to store in their refrigerator and for retailers to create unique displays to show off the fruit. 

“The capabilities that these Artisan Organics™ Apple Lover 5lb. pouch bags have allows retailers to really get creative about how to display the fruit,” states Pepperl. “The DRC’s match the bright and colorful personality of the bag and are essentially like building blocks, so you can make prominent displays to catch the eye of the consumer. Plus, the vibrant color of the Granny Smith variety will really pop against the red varieties, allowing for some fun color blocks.” 

Stemilt Growers has been growing organics since 1989, when founder Tom Mathison transitioned a large amount of acreage from conventional to organic. Today, Tate Mathison, Tom’s grandson, and director of sales at Stemilt, is focused on ensuring that Stemilt’s Artisan Organics™ program is consumer-driven. 

“Today, Stemilt focuses on its Artisan Organics™ apple program on growing modern varieties that shoppers want,” says Mathison. “Pouch bags are extremely user-friendly, while organic is a top choice among fresh produce consumers, making the combination of the two very profitable among retailers.”

Stemilt’s organic apple volumes increased by more than 50 percent year-over-year and Pepperl foresees a continuous increase in organic. “Our Artisan Organics™ program is only getting larger. We are excited to watch the expansion of organics and continue to provide consumers with the flavors they want through the Artisan Organics™ programs.” 

Stemilt’s Artisan Organics™ Apple Lover packs will be available until early summer. 


About Stemilt

Stemilt Growers is a leading tree fruit growing, packing and shipping company based in Wenatchee, Washington. Owned and operated by the Mathison family, Stemilt is the leading shipper of sweet cherries and one of the nation’s largest suppliers of organic tree fruits. Stemilt has also demonstrated a commitment to sustainable agriculture and social responsibility since 1989, when founder Tom Mathison launched the company’s Responsible Choice program. For more information about Stemilt, visit and follow Stemilt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and You Tube.

Source: Stemilt Growers