Stemilt Looks to Rename Popular Pear Variety & Wants Your Help!

WENATCHEE, WA – Did you hear the news? Stemilt is looking to rename a striking red pear and they need YOUR help! Yes, you read that right. A popular summer pear variety is on the hunt for a new name and Stemilt wants you to weigh in.   

 “It’s almost time to harvest pears, and there’s one pear with a name that just doesn’t do its features justice,” said Brianna Shales, senior marketing manager at Stemilt. ”This pear’s flavor profile is explosive, the color is striking and captures your attention, and the overall quality ignites the pear category year after year which is why the new name of the Starkrimson is going to be… Sparkrimson!”

Sparkrimson is dedicated to lighting up the retailer’s pear category and helping shoppers experience these pears for the first time, all over again. The renaming fun and arrival of the new crop offer retailers an opportunity to kindle excitement around this not-so-new “new” pear variety.

“Stemilt has been growing Starkrimson pears for a number of years now, so our teams know how to grow and handle this variety,” says Shales. “This pear is one of the most sought after summer pear varieties on the market. Recognizing that success, we’ve expanded acreage and will have more to share during its short but sweet 2020 season.”

Shales also says that this pear has so much to offer consumers, renaming the variety is a perfect way create enthusiasm around the category that is often overlooked in produce departments.

“Simply calling attention to this ‘new’ variety by giving it a new name is an opportunity for our retail partners to create some noise around the pear category,” explains Shales.

Sparkrimson pear harvest is projected to start at the beginning of August making it one of the season’s first available varieties. It is a beautifully crimson colored pear, that has a uber-juicy bite and pleasantly sweet, floral flavor.

“Sparkrimson is one of the most popular summer pear varieties because it has a refreshing flavor and smooth bite,” explains Shales.

Shales suggests that retailers  run Sparkrimson ads starting mid-August and into the second week of September. Packaging options to feature within these ads include Stemilt’s 6lb. Rushing Rivers™ pear bag and the popular Lil Snappers® organic 2lb. and conventional 3lb. pear bags. All of these bags can be set up on their own or combined with bulk to create a visually appealing and hard-to-miss Sparkrimson display.

“This simple, easy-to-remember campaign is a great way to get capture the consumer’s attention and make them pause to catch the fun play on words while still encouraging them to pick up a bag of Sparkrimson pears,” says Shales. “While we can’t change the way a pear looks, we can at least have fun with the name and provide a new perspective to what could be a new favorite pear variety among shoppers!”

“This simple campaign is a fun way for retailers to get behind a fantastic pear at the moment it’s ripe and ready,” says Shales. “Consumers will love this pear’s look and flavor, so there’s lots of potential for great August pear results at retail.”

Together with their pear partners Peshastin HI UP Growers, Stemilt’s Sparkrimson pears come straight from the  best pear locales in the world: the Entiat and Wenatchee River Valleys. These locales run parallel to each other in Central Washington, where alpine forests and mountains surrounds acres of Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers® pears.

“Our Sparkrimson pears thrive in these locales thanks to the nutrient rich soil and cool temperatures that the surrounding mountains provide,” says Shales. “These elements plus the sunny days provide the perfect combination of factors to produce Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers® Sparkrimson pears.”

Shales encourages retailers to start incorporating ads around Sparkrimson into their plans today so they can watch their pear category catch blaze tomorrow.

“Don’t wait,” says Shales. “Ignite the name and your pear category with Sparkrimson this August.” 


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