Stemilt’s Softball-Sized Organic Peaches & Nectarines Are Back In Season

WENATCHEE, Wash. – The search is over: softball-sized peaches and nectarines are back in season thanks to Stemilt’s Artisan Organics™ peaches and nectarines harvest starting now. To achieve heighten volumes and skyrocketing sales during the hot summer months, Stemilt Growers’ Artisan Organics® peaches and nectarines are the category booster retailers need.

“This season’s organic peaches and nectarines are coming off the trees at least two weeks prior to the 2017 season,” states Roger Pepperl, marketing director at Stemilt. “Given, this year’s crop is anything by average, coming in at large sizes, vibrant colors and out of this world flavor.”

Falling on the larger size, the 2018 crop comes with jumbo sizes and a well-balanced flavor profile of sugars and acids. This balance between sweet and tangy creates an eating experience that leaves consumers with a lasting impression.

“The delicious flavor profiles speak for themselves and that will result in high sales dollars,” states Pepperl. “These beautiful tree-ripened organic summer fruits have every attribute a retailer needs to make it a successful organic peach and nectarine season.”

Pepperl suggests focusing around bulk promotions to make the most of out of the Artisan Organics™ peaches and nectarine season. While the first four weeks will have some smaller sizing, starting ad promotions around August 13 is ideal. Retailers should schedule two to three ads around bulk organic peaches and nectarines starting mid-August and continuing through September. Retailers can kick the promotions off with the popular organic jumbo-sized peaches, followed by organic white peaches and white nectarines starting the third week of August. 

“Running ads that highlight this delicious summer fruit will be a great way push more volumes and boost your summer sales dollars,” states Pepperl. “And to elevate sales, retailers should display the fruit in a well-populated area of the organic section using our grower centric displays.” 

Stemilt offers grower-centric display bins that share the unique history of Stemilt’s Artisan Organics™ program. This visually stimulating display really pops in produce departments due to their bright coloring and photography. 

“The grower centric displays do well as they offer brand transparency to the consumer,” states Pepperl. “Brand transparency and storytelling goes a long way for the consumer and something we preach constantly here at Stemilt.” 

Pepperl believes that being real with their consumers, answering their questions, reaching out to them through social media, and giving them the resources they need to fulfill their curiosity only has strengthened their relationship and consumers can trust the product they are purchasing. 

Stemilt’s Artisan Organics™ peaches and nectarines are grown by the Douglas family in Pasco, Washington in the south-eastern region of the state. These organic peaches and nectarines are grown in arid, almost desert-like climates, making it ideal for organic production. The warm days coincide with the climate allowing peaching and nectarines to achieve high sugar levels and cool nights give the tree an opportunity to rest and give the stone fruit their beautiful bright coloring. 

The Douglas family has been growing peaches, nectarines and apricots for multiple decades and growing organically for more than a decade, giving them plenty of experience on how to grow and harvest World Famous stone fruit. They know when to pick stone fruit at the optimal time to ensure the fruit gains high sugars and color for the ultimate eating experience.

“Our teams do an incredible job judging the right time to ensure that flavor comes first,” states Pepperl. “And thanks to this experience, our Artisan Organics™ peaches and nectarines will consistently leave our consumers with a memorable eating experience.” 

To learn more about Stemilt’s Artisan Organic™ summer fruit program, please contact your Stemilt Representative today!


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